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140 Law - Legal Headlines for Wednesdayday, September 17, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Wednesday, September 17, 2014:  Harper suspended Commons committee reviews of Gascon’s Supreme Court appointment in June: House documents  Experiential Legal Writing: Th ... [read more]
Do political endorsements amount to a hill of beans?
Not really. [read more]
When your opponent has cancer, do you attack him?
Now, I don’t know if Rob Ford has cancer. But, based on the stories that are emerging, based upon what political people are hearing, few will be surprised if the Mayor’s doctors reveal – later today – that his tumours are cancerous. So, ... [read more]
Gallant-gate: still wonder why Wynne won, and why Hudak lost?
Because Wynne never did stuff like this – and Hudak did. Dunno if Brian Gallant is a goner, but he sure as Hell made his life more complicated – and with just four days to go. [read more]
Stephen Harper and Adrian Peterson on Spanking -- with "spanking sticks" and "switchs"
Stephen Harper  [read more]
Implied terms of contract
Rankin Construction Inc. v. Ontario, 2014 ONCA 636: [read more]
Sean's Cheek Forking
From the late 80s onward, though with diminishing frequency in the 21st century, I've whiled away idle moments conjuring up Minions of C.H.A.O.S. and Paladins of O.R.D.E.R., some of which have made appearances on this blog. One such mis ... [read more]
Will Mike Duffy Call the Next Election?
Sure, it sounds far fetched, but the opposition parties had better be prepared for Harper to call a snap election. [read more]
Scotland Would Hardly Be the First to Go Its Own Way
Back when Rule Brittania meant something, much, if not most, of the world's population was under British rule, part of the British Empire.  This handy map from TheCommonwealth.org shows how many countries have come to independence from ... [read more]
Duffy to Trial
Mike Duffy will be heading straight to trial.  Counsel appeared briefly in court today and were told to come back on the 23rd to set a date for trial. [read more]
Last Month - Hottest August On Record
NASA has run the numbers.  August, 2014 was the hottest August since records were kept of these things starting about 130-years back. [read more]
Texas Brainwashing Youth
Well I guess North Korea doesn't have a monopoly on this any more. [read more]
Clean Is Cheap, Cheaper Than Dirty.
Of all the Big Lies embedded in our collective consciousness by the fossil fuelers and their minions in government is the scary tale that going green, decarbonizing our economies and our societies, would be devastatingly expensive.  The ... [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Tuesday, September 16, 2014: Magnotta jury selection set to begin Tuesday Clients feel duped into hiring lawyers who are now suspended When Can An Employment Contract Be ... [read more]
John Tory’s attacks on a hospitalized Rob Ford remind me of something
According to the Toronto Sun – and is well-known in political circles – Rob Ford is quite sick. Despite that, John Tory continues to attack Rob Ford, who isn’t even his opponent anymore.  Tory says the bedridden Rob Ford is a “circus ac ... [read more]
Ontario sucks and blows on gaming.
When it comes to gaming, the Wynne government in Ontario definitely sucks! According to a confusing op-ed in the Toronto Star Monday by former McGuinty cabinet member Michael Bryant, he reports that the Liberals are sucking and blowing ... [read more]
More on Toronto
I created a Toronto "Electomatic" - though warning, it's of limited use since the mayor's race is a city-wide winner-take-all and the individual ward results do not matter. [read more]
The Theatre in Our Theatre Room
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
In Tuesday’s Sun: Scotland divided, plus bonus 007 reference
Scotland, heed the wise words of the guy who bites the heads off chickens. You know, Alice Cooper. According to urban legend, the rock star once bit the head off of a chicken. Reportedly, Alice then went on to play golf with former Repu ... [read more]
John Tory's Statement Withdrawing From Upcoming Debates
"With Doug Ford entering the race and less than six weeks to go until election day, we have entered a new phase of the campaign. John has extraordinary demands on his time and, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate every event and ... [read more]
There's This Story Making the Rounds...
It's an item from Reuters that has been picked up by a number of newspapers, including The Globe & Mail.  It concerns a study that found one species of algae has managed to adapt fairly quickly to warming and more acidic oceans. [read more]
We Still Don't Know the Depths of Harper's Perfidy
Canada's Manchurian Candidate? [read more]
How South Americans are Killing Their Environment
In some places, cutting down trees can have huge consequences.  In South America, the impacts are especially far-reaching.  Deforestation has picked up again in the Amazon.  That, in turn, is causing havoc to the region's hydrological c ... [read more]
RCMP Warning Of Oil and Gas Attacks
.@DavidMcLA @mikedesouza Remember, the RCMP are experts at critical energy infrastructure terrorism. http://t.co/6MhPHIS97R #Oil — Saskboy K. (@saskboy) September 15, 2014 The RCMP would know. @DavidMcLA does it tie into this? http://t. ... [read more]
How America Wakes Up to Climate Change
It's not temperature that's finally sweeping Americans into acceptance of anthropogenic climate change.  It's precipitation or, in some cases, the lack of it that they can't get around. [read more]
The Cavendish Cottager Comes Roaring Back to the Front Page
Stephen Harper's pucker factor must be at "Level 7- Deep Purple" at the prospect of what awaits when Conservative senator Mike Duffy begins his criminal trial process this week.   A former top advisor to the reigning prime minister says ... [read more]
The passion of the Fords
Spotted on Twitter.  Anyone know who all these folks are? I can only name a few. (And, yes, Tory was always a Ford disciple.) [read more]
My take in this morning’s Hill Times
Can’t remember my password, so here’s the unedited version, filed with ‘em last week: “Political things tend to come in threes. This Parliament is likely to be no exception. Three things – three issues, three challenges – will define th ... [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Monday, September 15, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Monday, September 15, 2014: Elaborate Rules Means Justice System Is Expensive and Inaccessible Mike Duffy trial timing could be pre-election headache for Conservatives D ... [read more]
Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody’s Hero
Saw ‘em last night with Lala, Chris, Andrew, others. They are bit older now, and they stand in front of the drum kit. But they’re still brilliant. [read more]
Who convinced Trudeau to look democratic?
Wow. When you read the Liberal.ca website now it looks like Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau invented party democracy. It not only says he believes in party democracy but he is working to assure Liberal Party members of open nominations. H ... [read more]
Now THIS is writing
I don’t agree with Strobel on politics, pretty much ever, but this column had Kirbie and I laughing our keesters off on the way back from Stiff Little Fingers last night.  Just great writing, here: “Some folks are so sick of that temple ... [read more]
So the LPCO had their AGM over the weekend, and I just wanted to say a couple of things about it briefly. Unfortunately, my friend and fellow blogger Jeff Jedras didn’t quite make it in his bid to be the VP Comms for LPCO – Christine Mi ... [read more]
From The Farmers Forum Survey: Wind Farms On Wolfe Island
I don't think the survey is on-line yet--at least I couldn't find it here--but WCO has posted some of the highlights: [read more]
Toronto Graphics
I decided to up my game and present far better graphics on the Toronto election. That sad doughnut will never be seen again. [read more]
Harper quitting?
Some folks telling me they think it may be announced here. But why there and not on the Hill or at 24? [read more]
Space: 1970 and DVD Late Show
For my friends who are fans of vintage 1970s SF TV and film and B-movies from any decade, I heartily recommend two blogs I just discovered: Space: 1970 and DVD Late Show, both written by Christopher Mills. Mills has a breezy, engaging s ... [read more]
Rule against perpetuities
The rule against perpetuities says:  [read more]
Rule in Hodge's Case
The Rule in Hodge's Case (1838), 168 E.R. 1135 is generally taken to say: [read more]
Sound Familiar?
The current decline of the United States from global economic hegemon re-enacts the same path that brought low the previous dominant economies of Spain, the Netherlands and Great Britain.  Here's a brief account of what happened to Spai ... [read more]
For What It's Worth - Ignatieff on ISIS
Der Spiegel interviews Harvard professor, Michael Ignatieff, on ISIS, Obama, the Middle East generally, Israel and Palestine.  Some interesting thoughts, some banal and predictable.  You be the judge. [read more]
Ranking the Lesser of All Evils
So we finally know exactly who will be on the ballot for mayor of our quiet little town of Toronto. It’s not who we expected, which isn’t surprising in a strange way, but it is done. In a sane world the municipal campaign wouldn’t start ... [read more]
Why Getting Our Arab Allies Off Their Fat, Pampered Asses Matters
Since Obama started this 'get ISIS' coalition-building business, the Sunni Arab world has been conspicuous by its absence. [read more]
Oh Hell, There Goes the NATO Neighbourhood
The allegation:  our longtime NATO partner, Turkey, has been supporting al-Qaeda in Syria.  The accuser, Francis Ricciardone, until late June the American ambassador to Turkey. [read more]
Pope Warns We May Already Be In "Piecemeal WWIII"
Has the world already stumbled into a third world war?  Pope Francis thinks that could well be the case.  Denouncing war as "madness", the Pope made his remarks while visiting Italy's largest military cemetery. [read more]
LPoC on Abortion Rights: Thumbs Up Or Down?
I dunno.  But at least I can see the reasoning behind this one (whereas the sense of holding open nominations continues to elude me.  Because nobody cares about process issues and the only news stories it will generate is when a nominat ... [read more]
Conservative Oliver uses gifts not incentives.
Say what you like about Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver but he is certainly proving that he is not the brightest bulb to ever hold that portfolio in Ottawa. In fact, Oliver might just embarrass the Harper government right out of off ... [read more]
Sun Sued Again!
Here is the grovelling apology: [read more]
Omnibus Minipost
Toronto A second poll from a small firm has come out and pegged Doug Ford at 16%. I decided to do some poll averaging, including the two polls, the last Rob Ford poll with the 80% modifier I noted earlier, the previous Doug Ford poll f ... [read more]
Candlelight D & D
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
A Welcome Visit from God
God exists.  I know this because He's on Twitter. [read more]
Naomi Klein's Confession - Is It Yours, Too?
In the run-up to the release of her new book, "This Changes Everything," Naomi Klein has come clean.  For far too long she was in what she describes as a "soft denial" about climate change.  Does this sound familiar? [read more]
We seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame. My feel­ing is that we shall choose Shame, and then have War thrown in a lit­tle later on even more adverse terms than at present.
Winston Churchill [read more]
Obama Doesn't Have a Clue
Barack Obama has a mess on his hands in Iraq and has no idea what to do to clean it up.  And so he falls back on neo-America's default option - bomb it. [read more]
New Brunswick Liberal Association
The New Brunswick Liberal Association is a part of the Liberal Party of Canada, however, the two do not share membership lists. Why? [read more]
Accused not to be disbelieved merely because they want to be acquitted
R v DeJeage: 2014 NUCJ 21 [read more]
Toronto: What Model Ford do you want?
It is hard to believe all the mealy-mouthed concern about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s health. Under their breath many of these hypocrites are saying: “Look’s good on you fatso!’ But never fear Torontonians, there is a model ‘T’ (for Toront ... [read more]
The Bolian Web
Nothing can protect Starfleet from the terrifying new Romulan weapon, which adds Photoshop's "glowing edges" effect to all ship systems and personnel! [read more]
Quick update on Doug and Rob Ford and Toronto
Very short update about where the polls might go. [read more]
Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
Here is a fun fact that most people don't know, but I do (because I asked). The NB PC Party used to claim 300,000 members. [read more]
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