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Social media cause and effect
It seemed like the obvious response to Steve’s tweet. . [read more]
The purpose of the Indian Act and the intention of Parliament.
Tyendinaga Mohawk Council v. Brant, 2014 ONCA 565: [read more]
#TOpoli take note: there are interesting things to be seen in the classifieds
140 Law - Leading Legal Headlines for Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Wednesday, July 30, 2014: Exonerated Innocent Man Describes 21 Year Connecticut Prison NightmareFootage shows Iowa sheriff’s deputies Tasing man at least 15 times before ... [read more]
We need a broader ‘Do Not Annoy’ list.
If we can have a ‘do not call’ list, why can we not have a do-not-mail list? It does no good to put a ‘no-junk mail’ admonition on your mailbox but even if Canada Post is not very automated, surely it can handle a ‘Do not mail’ list. Al ... [read more]
Might As Well Go Home Right Now
Target Canada's new price-matching promises are, like the shelves of their stores, empty.   That is all. [read more]
And the Spinoff, Jeff Thunder
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Upcoming interviews/campaign news from #LPCO, #Brant, etc
Yes, the blog has turned into a bit of an interview/campaign theme in the last bit, but that’s what happens when Parliament and the Ontario Legislature aren’t in session, and because I don’t wish to touch the Middle East Gaza morass wit ... [read more]
Help wanted
Looking for a Toronto-area accountant who can do occasional accountancy stuff for smallish consultancy-type firms. Anyone know anyone? God bless. . [read more]
Things you can’t do when you’re not a toddler
Okay, this made me laugh. Yes, I’m strange. [read more]
140 Law - Leading Legal Headlines for Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Tuesday, July 29, 2014: Kansas City lawyer’s blog posts could be an issue in judicial confirmation bidOntario Superior Court Master Richard Peterson mourned Online offer ... [read more]
Conservatives inciting to hatred.
Those Harper Conservatives really know how to turn up the rhetoric! First of all some dimwit thought it would be appropriate to have a rally in support of Israel on the lawn at Queen’s Park. The participants would have been smarter to s ... [read more]
Mother and Severely Autistic Son Evicted by Fredericton Non-Profit Housing Corporation Will Be Homeless Friday, August 1
"People with Autism Spectrum Disorder may be overly dependent on routines, highly sensitive to changes in their  environment, or intensely focused on inappropriate items. ... the symptoms of people with ASD will fall on a continuum, wit ... [read more]
In Tuesday’s Sun: A column in which I again stand with Israel. Hate mail landing in 5…4…3…
For political parties, winning elections is – naturally – the big prize. Almost as good: stealing away an entire demographic group from an opponent. Case in point, Canadian Jewish voters. The Liberal Party of Canada used to have ‘em. No ... [read more]
Safety Systems Susan
One day in the summer of 1993, Jeff and Susan and I went to the air show in Namao. At one point Susan wound up in this costume; I don't remember why. A added a sepia filter and some background blur to give the photo an old-timey look. I ... [read more]
Watching the CP24 circus
. [read more]
Democratic Dipper Values In Action
Oh, this is brilliant: Long-time Progressive Conservative MLA Bev Harrison invoked the memory of former British prime minister Winston Churchill as he confirmed on Friday that he will run for the NDP in the next provincial election. [read more]
John Tory, then and now
Indecisive.  Flip-flopper. No judgment. That’s what the polling says.  And, today, he has provided yet more evidence of it.   [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Monday, July 28, 2014
 Here are the leading legal headlines for Monday, July 28, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  Lawyers Should Be Aware of iPhone Vulnerabilities  Ontario Justices of the Peace should have a law degree: Editorial - Toronto Star Florida poli ... [read more]
The real Tragedy in the Commons are the MPs.
By the time you finish reading Alison Loat’s book for the Samara Institute Tragedy in the Commons you are in a state of despair. You wonder why collectively these former Members of Parliament who were interviewed for the book ever ran f ... [read more]
The Minimum Wage from first principles
The minimum wage, like most government policies, is first and foremost a form of wealth distribution. There are winners and losers from the distribution. The biggest group of winners is the obvious one: low wage workers who now get paid ... [read more]
When your chosen profession has no soul, you tend to acquire a hobby
. [read more]
Self Portrait, 1987
Feel the angst oozing from every pixel. Shot with Mom and Dad's Canon T70 in colour, cropped and desaturated in Photoshop. I remember feeling a lot of anxiety about having only four more years of school (i.e., university) to go.  Earl ... [read more]
Is That Ron Banerjee Choking The Gay Protester At Ford Fest?
Sure looks like it, and the folks at ARC Canada have a clearer shot, and links to video of the guy in the picture yelling anti-gay slurs. [read more]
Are these Luddites stupid or ignorant?
‘Stupid’ is a derogatory term for a person who appears slow-witted and might not be able to grasp simple concepts. ‘Ignorant’ refers to a person who just seems uninformed. ‘Luddites’ are people who, during the industrial revolution in E ... [read more]
What's In My Fridge?
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Danielle Takacs for the Liberal Party Nomination, Brant ( #lpc #cdnpoli )
I do not often blog about Brant politics, but when I do, it's to support Danielle Takacs and her bid to secure the Liberal nomination in the riding. [read more]
Dear John: back in TO
Daughter is back, too, with three bronze medals, two silver and one gold from NAIG; Son Two is back for lacrosse camp, and his voice is changing; and the book is going to hit about 20,000 words before July is out, looks like. And I’ve t ... [read more]
Israel & Gaza: Is Kerry a Nebish?
John Nebbish Kerry?This question has been raised, given Kerry’s missteps in recent weeks: Nonetheless, one can’t deny Kerry’s almost inexplicable series of mishaps, faux pas and unfortunate events: on Friday it was the press conference ... [read more]
Solar Flare Almost Sent Earth Back to the Dark Ages in 2012
"Two years ago, we were blissfully unaware that our planet almost plunged into a widespread blackout due to a solar flare" [read more]
The ambition of Ontario Lottery and Gaming.
In July 2010 the Ontario government gave Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) new direction. It pointed to a new future. It was a future where OLG would be more market-driven and responsive to consumers. It was to involve the private sector ... [read more]
Liberal Bloggers Are Taking Over the Party, Part 1 - Danielle Takacs
I’ve been relaxing this summer, so my activity on the blog has been a bit low, but I was asked to help out with an endorsement of a great candidate, a former blogger who is taking the big leap into federal politics – and I’m more than h ... [read more]
Chi non fa, non falla.
Those who do nothing make no mistakes. [read more]
Clouds over Iqaluit
Blu Fire, Walk With Me
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Friday, July 25, 2014
 Here are the leading legal headlines for Friday, July 25, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  New U.K.-Canada tax treaty lets authorities do audits in other country Alabama man claims penis mistakenly amputated at circumcision procedure   ... [read more]
Conservatives are covering their causes.
There must be an election due in the next year. Why else would the Harper government minions be running around in the heat of the summer pandering to Conservative interest groups? Take the inappropriately labelled Public “Safety” Minist ... [read more]
Sure Its Only Forum
...from a week ago, no less.  But that's majority territory, as the poll suggests.  As for the pollsters, well, can't find where he wrote it but 308's Eric Grenier has been taking Forum a bit more seriously lately, after they called NS ... [read more]
I swear to God, Saskatchewan is so beautiful
If I lived here, I’d lie in a park and stare at the sky all the time. Taken by Lala on the way back to Moose Jaw, from Regina. . [read more]
Appalling Apollo Art
45 years ago this week, Apollo 11 made its historic voyage to the moon. A couple of decades after that, I drew and coloured this. I think it speaks for itself, but thankfully in space no one can hear you scream.  Earl J. Woods is a pro ... [read more]
Conservative Chris Tells A Tall Tale
.@CBCNews – @calxandr HarperCON’s trained MP seal, announces Poverty has been eliminated in Canada. Yes, really youtu.be/ncUtF2E7D8Y— StopApartheid Israel (@NadineLumley) July 24, 2014 How Chris Alexander stacks up with James Moore, and ... [read more]
When a Tree Falls in Saskatchewan
.@SusanFelucifer @acoyne We have a deep seated fear of high places, since none exist here. Closed off top floor public observatories too.— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) July 24, 2014 While reading news page comment sections, even hopeless troll ... [read more]
Seriousness of charge and 11(b) balancing
R. v. Stilwell, 2014 ONCA 563: [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Thursday, July 24, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines for Thursday, July 24, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  European Court Rules Against Poland Over Secret CIA Jail  Provincial jails clogged with legally innocent Canadians - Canada - CBC News Why lega ... [read more]
Late breakfast
The Bully Pulpit of the Paul’s.
This is not the Apostle Saint Paul under discussion here. Libertarian extremists Ron Paul and his son Randal Paul are something else. The senior Paul is still the cantankerous fanatic who took his pre-Tea Party Libertarian followers to ... [read more]
Bacon Bullets
The only conservative thing about me is my palate, often to my detriment. But today, joining Doug, Pete and Ellen for lunch at Taste of Edmonton, I decided to try something new: Bacon Bullets from Sabor Divine. Bacon is hardly daring, b ... [read more]
What is reasonable doubt?
A reasonable doubt is not a doubt based on sympathy or prejudice; it is based on reason and common sense. It is logically connected to the evidence or absence of evidence. It does not require proof to an absolute certainty nor is it pro ... [read more]
USA: Elizabeth Warren takes the fight to Wall Street
The Real USAThe highly intelligent, courageous and scrappy new senator is not stopping in her fight for the middle class. She is pounding the streets, raising money for long-shot Democrat candidates, and focusing on the rigged stock mar ... [read more]
Informer Privilege
R. v. Lucas, 2014 ONCA 561: [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  Here are the leading legal headlines for Wednesday, July 23, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  Wednesday: What’s Hot on CanLII  CBC, Star head to court to seek access to Omar Khadr Showdown at the Supreme Court expected as courts deliv ... [read more]
Political parties never die. They merge.
Some of our kindly readers have send notes asking what happened to Babel-on-the-Bay’s forecast in May of the immanent demise of the Ontario New Democrats. Yes, there were some brazen forecasts of such departure and logically we could sh ... [read more]
NHL & Global Warming: A Development Of Some Note
The NHL says that climate change is real, and announces measures the league will take to fight it. They're worried that the gradual disappearance of outdoor rinks might be detrimental to the game.  And it probably will be.  Less access ... [read more]
Manitoba Woods and the Banana Republic
This morning I woke up laughing because of a dream. [read more]
Demeanour Evidence
R. v. Hubrich, 2004 CanLII 11370: [read more]
Mandatory Fun Time
It occurred to me today how ironic it is that Weird Al releases Mandatory Fun at the same time as I’m given a mandatory break from work for months. Today's cartoon in The @NewYorker http://t.co/uJZnYUNnRd— Al Yankovic (@alyankovic) July ... [read more]
Blog Interview with Michael Levitt – LPC candidate for York-Centre
Today, I’m publishing an interview I’ve done with Michael Levitt, who is the LPC candidate for York-Centre. This was the riding held by such Liberal stalwarts as Art Eggleton and Ken Dryden. Mr. Dryden was one of those who got swept awa ... [read more]
Witness Box in Iqaluit, Nunavut
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines for Tuesday, July 22, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  Lawyers for Aaron Hernandez say attorney-client court chat was broadcast on Web  Pathways Update: Articling Reporting Tool Launched Obama nixes ... [read more]
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