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New York Times Claims Putin has Opened "Third Front" Invasion of Ukraine. Nobody Else Biting Yet.
A bulletin from The New York Times claims that Russian military units including infantry, tanks and artillery, have poured over the border into eastern Ukraine, "attacking Ukrainian forces and causing panic and wholesale retreat...in wh ... [read more]
Dumbass of the Week Award Goes to: Charles Vacca, Firearms Instructor
It's called the "Last Stop" and, for 39-year old Arizonan, Charles Vacca, it lived up to its name.  For Charles Vacca, the Last Stop was a shooting range where he was a firearms instructor. [read more]
Having a ball
Opinion Evidence
R. v. M.C., 2014 ONCA 611: [read more]
The Politics of Lying, An Essay by Henry Giroux
When it comes to politics and lying the two seem to go hand in glove.  We've always considered politicians a bit shady, willing to bend the truth to suit their purposes.  Yet it can be difficult to distinguish outright lying from differ ... [read more]
Clowns at Midnight, on the Devil
Well-written. Fair points therein. (i ain’t desd yet, BTW.) [read more]
Identification Evidence
R. v. MacDonald, 2014 ONCA 610: [read more]
Considering the alternatives to Trudeau.
Will Justin Trudeau make a great prime minister? Not likely. Is he better than the alternatives? You bet. There is something of a debate in the household these days about a forthcoming event for Mr. Trudeau in September. We might just u ... [read more]
The view from here
Doing edits on the new book, 30,000 words in. Dunno if it’ll sell two copies, but it may surprise a few folks. Heading home in two days. Other surprises await there, too. (Baseless speculation welcome, as always.)   [read more]
Ooooh! Bad Talk, More Stark.
Another report from the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. The Associated Press has managed to thumb through the latest report, a synthesis report based on the previous three.  AP says there's nothing much new in the ... [read more]
Scenes from an Unfinished Novel
August accepted the proffered debit keypad through the window and started tapping out his PIN, speaking the numbers out loud: "8...3....2...8...0," he said, while at the same moment Duggan was twitching with exasperation, beating his fi ... [read more]
To Inquire, or Not To Inquire, Don’t Ask The Question
The latest Coyne article seems to be self defeating in its thesis. “It’s not evident what contribution another public inquiry would make,” opines Coyne. For one thing, we could have an inquiry to demonstrate that for Coyne. Or we could ... [read more]
Israel & Gaza: Tectonic shift in past 24 hours
Israel's embattled prime ministerThe Egypt-brokered truce agreement just struck has resulted in two shifts in the underlying political forces in that area. [read more]
Wasteful Destruction in Gaza
The destruction of this apartment tower is ridiculous. How is it in any way acceptable for a state to destroy an obvious civilian complex with weapons of war? We’re supposed to believe that the hundreds of occupants were all enemy comba ... [read more]
Plain and Simple - Dahiyeh Is a War Crime
This is Dahiyeh, Lebanon, before and after Israel devastated it and its civilian population. [read more]
How Norway Dodged "The Curse of Oil"
When it comes to petro-statehood, Canada is a lot closer to Nigeria than to Norway and more's the pity.  The Tyee's Andrew Nikiforuk has done a terrific job chronicling how Ottawa and Alberta have squandered that province's energy wealth. [read more]
Inching Ever Closer to a Shooting War with Russia
Foggy Rasmussen [read more]
The Faces of Climate Science
Here's another way of looking at climate science.  Photographer Nick Bowers has produced a black and white photo essay entitled, "Scared Scientists," that you can preview at HuffPo. [read more]
In Drought News
Central America continues to reel under severe, multi-year drought.  Guatemala has declared a state of emergency in 16 of the country's 22-provinces.  Experts believe the impact on agriculture could soon leave hundreds of thousands of f ... [read more]
The Hair’s annual northern holiday.
We Canadians seem to enjoy our regular getaways but the Hair beats us all. How many times is this now that the Hair and his hairdresser and his wife have headed for the Arctic during the dog days of the Ottawa summer? Sure, it guarantee ... [read more]
On King Horton's
Dear Mr. Horton, [read more]
How to deal with online assholes
I’ve been doing this web stuff – it’s a web site, people, not a blog – for about a decade-and-a-half. At the start, I didn’t have comments – partly because the web-site-based platform I used, designed by Bjorn and Boris, simply didn’t p ... [read more]
Dear John: greetings from the coast
Weather great, kids aren’t killing each other, and almost at 30,000 words – after two months. Not bad. Cheers, W [read more]
The Acceptable Spider-Man 2
A couple of years ago I nearly fell asleep watching The Amazing Spider-Man. Considering my disappointment with that film and this year's inexplicable critical hit Guardians of the Galaxy, I went into The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this weeken ... [read more]
In Tuesday’s Sun: out on a limb
Senator Romeo LeBlanc looked around. It was Spring 1993, and LeBlanc was sitting in a room on Parliament Hill, surrounded by a half-dozen Liberal Party staffers. I was one of them. We called ourselves “the task force,” which we hoped so ... [read more]
On The Hunt
British intelligence has identified the man believed to have beheaded James Foley. He's 23-year old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, who is known to Islamic State militants as Jihadi John. [read more]
A convicted accused cannot sue a former lawyer to show a wrongful conviction
Harris v. Levine, 2014 ONCA 608: [read more]
The Citadel Nation - the Militarization of America
In his 2008 book "Climate Wars", Gwynne Dyer foretold the militarization of the American-Mexican border.  The American military, Dyer wrote, had plans to seal the border against a wave of climate refugees fleeing north out of Central Am ... [read more]
Why is Justin Trudeau dancing to victory?
Heather Mallick in the Toronto Star has a few good reasons why our next Prime Minister will be named Justin Trudeau: [read more]
What Vestige of Democracy Remains in the Age of Neoliberalism?
Henry Giroux argues that we must perceive democracy as a culture and shake off the cloak of neoliberalism by which it has been subverted.  Excerpts from his essay, "Beyond the Spectacle of Neoliberal Misery and Violence in the Age of Te ... [read more]
Teach Your Children Well
They're already facing some serious challenges coming their way before all that long, let's teach them the difference between absurdity and reality, the gift of critical thinking.  That's been heavily drummed out of us these past two or ... [read more]
The Double Bind of Climate Change
I'm still hopeful that we will see a workable, international agreement on climate change in 2015 but why does that have to feel like a pensive Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football?  And why does Lucy remind me of Stephen Harper? [read more]
Wind Farms In Court: Ontario Leads The Pack
Condensed from Mike Barnard's report: [read more]
Thank you, Kathleen Wynne (and others)
. [read more]
Michael Chong, the MP from naϊveté.
No, Naϊveté is not an electoral district in Quebec. The Hon. Michael Chong is the Member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Wellington-Halton Hills. What Mr. Chong has not done is endear himself to his Conservative Party Leader Ste ... [read more]
Ten reasons why no one should weep if Tim Horton’s is sold
I’m aware I’m committing treason, but the truth must prevail. To wit: 1. The food is lousy. 2. The service ain’t so hot, either. 3. The food isn’t “always fresh.” It’s frozen. 4. The coffee is better elsewhere. 5. It stopped being Canad ... [read more]
Happy Monday
As the father of four children, I nominate this woman for a Nobel Prize
“A U.S. mother has created an Android app that offers parents a very modern solution to an old problem: What to do when your child won’t return your phone calls? The “Ignore No More” app gives parents the ability to remotely lock their ... [read more]
New Brunswick, example of a bad Liberal result
Simply, the Liberals are expected to win the election by a huge margin. What, though, if they only won by a smaller margin? [read more]
Rodent, Run
Faster than a speeding bullet? No, but faster than my shutter speed or reflexes could handle.  Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
New program can analyse your personality (and a politician’s)
Yair Neuman: Personality AnalyzerProf. Yair Neuman, a researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has developed such a program, and has used it to analyse the views of President Obama and Hillary Clinton towards Israel: [read more]
What Is the Meaning Of All This Chaos?
I am always amazed at how television pundits manage to call elections when just a fraction of cast votes have been counted.  It's always been a matter of considerable frustration out here on the west coast when elections are decided bef ... [read more]
When Overshoot Meets Inequality
Tuesday marked Earth Overshoot Day, 2014.  August 19th was the day by which humankind had consumed an entire year's production of renewable resources. Overall that means we're using resources more than 1.5 times the rate at which the Ea ... [read more]
This Is What Happens When You Run Out of Water.
Could you get by for three weeks with 12-gallons of water?  That's a smidge over 45-litres which works out to about 2 litres per day. [read more]
We Need To Do What These Guys Are Doing
"These guys" are the Brits.  What they're doing is taking an inventory of their transportation infrastructure to assess its vulnerability to severe storm events caused by 'early onset' climate change.  The good news is that the Brits ge ... [read more]
The Relentless Advance of the Surveillance/Security State
I'm not sure how this can be abused but I expect clever minds will be exploiting it very soon. [read more]
Premier Wynne should not toy with Quebec.
It seemed an unfortunate heading given to a story in The Toronto Star the other day. The heading was “Wynne toys with buying more Quebec electricity.” The headline editor must have been very impressed that the two lines of the headline ... [read more]
Cartoonist compares mayor to Hitler, thinks battered women are funny
…that’s the Toronto Sun’s Andy Donato. Said David Miller was Hitler, thinks battering women like Kathleen Wynne is funny. He cartooned Yours Truly this fine morn, so someone decided to cartoon Andy right back. Pretty accurate likeness, ... [read more]
An Unstealable Bike
Coming soon, in six to ten months, in Spanish first. A bike made with a frame that comes apart and becomes the lock for the bike. If the lock is broken, the bike probably won’t work, or will be less desirable for a thief. – Hat tip to A ... [read more]
Will Adult Autism Care Issues Be Considered During #nbvotes 2014?
New Brunswick election 2014 is underway with the NDP, Liberal, Green and PANB parties going all out to replace the PC party.  Party signs are proliferating around the city of Fredericton. The Liberal Party kicked off big time in Frederi ... [read more]
Project Burger Baron: High Park
The Burger Baron north of Edmonton's High Park district (specifically 152 street and 111 avenue) claims to produce the best mushroom burgers in town - but I hate mushrooms, so today I sampled the Gourmet Burger, which features ham, baco ... [read more]
The Washington Post Asks - Was Putin Right?
It was last September when Vladimir Putin penned an op-ed about Syria that ran in The New York Times.  The West rejected Putin's views then but now The Washington Post asks whether Putin was right all along. [read more]
It's Not That We Disagree, It's That I Despise Your Ideas
When ever I read another article and view another series of photographs of the carnage Israel has inflicted on the civilian population of Gaza and then think of the Netanyahu apologists, Trudeau and Mulcair, I despise them and any party ... [read more]
Missouri situation: -"St. Louis cop: 'If I need to, I will kill whole bunch more"
(CNN) -- A Missouri police officer involved in maintaining security in troubled Ferguson was put on administrative leave Friday after a video surfaced showing him railing about the Supreme Court, Muslims, and his past -- and perhaps, he ... [read more]
All Fired Up in the Big Smoke: read this
Sent to me this morn, and now I send it to you. Apologies for the length, but the erroneous Globe report has me wanting to ensure some of you read it. Full post here. Now, back the beach! (And, into the breach.) I begin this already dou ... [read more]
C.D. Howe tells Ontario how.
Clarence Decatur Howe, minister of everything important in the Mackenzie King government, was never one our favourite Liberal role models but we always gave him the credit for creating Trans-Canada Airlines (now Air Canada) and for the ... [read more]
Civil Summary Judgment
Density Group Limited v. HK Hotels LLC, 2014 ONCA 605: [read more]
Window Shopping for Books
This is just another experiment in layers. Nothing groundbreaking, just another step on the learning curve.  Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Ferguson, Missouri Reveals How Much America Has Lost.
British historian/journalist, Dr. Tim Stanley, weighs in on the militarization of American society.  He writes, "America is entering an arms race with its citizens." [read more]
Taking America Back to a Darker Time
The aftermath of the police execution of a black teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri continues.  The Policy.mic web site has a report on public generosity that has raised $200,000 for - wait for it - the shooter, officer Darr ... [read more]
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