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London Has Denounced It. So Has Washington. Why the Complicit Silence from Canada?
Israel has just taken another massive bite out of the Palestinian West Bank homeland.  Britain has condemned the land grab, so has Washington. [read more]
Busting the Cartel
“this country should no longer tolerate a situation  where the public interest in so vital a field as information[is] dependent on the greed or goodwill of an extremely privileged group of businessmen”  [read more]
Paying the Bagpiper
Few are more familiar with stealth that our own prime minister, Steve Harper. He's a master at incrementalism, the dark art of achieving unacceptable goals by a succession of steps, so small and seemingly innocuous that no one really no ... [read more]
Could America Break Its Own Bank on a Russian Anvil?
The sanctions being plastered on Russia by the US and her allies are already having a rebound effect, especially in Europe.  Russia is not only the major supplier of the natural gas the Europeans will need to get through this winter, it ... [read more]
Restoring the Vox Populi
Some thoughts for this, Labour Day. [read more]
India - Superbug Time Bomb
India is the worst but it's not alone.  All of the emerging economic superpowers share the same problem - the abuse of antibiotics. [read more]
In Tuesday’s Sun: why Kathleen Wynne should be Prime Minister
So, 1,200 of your family, friends and neighbours are murdered, or go missing. Would you be upset? How about this: the murders and the disappearances have been going on, unchecked, since 1980. Is that upsetting? No? Then, let’s say you g ... [read more]
Interview w/Jennifer Stebbing – Flamborough-Glanbrook
Jennifer Stebbing is currently a Liberal nomination candidate in the riding of Flamborough-Glanbrook (and so far the only nomination candidate for the Liberals in that riding). She was kind enough to take some time out of her schedule t ... [read more]
The shifting sands of Quebec federal politics.
It is important to listen when the Toronto Star’s Chantal Hébert discusses what is happening politically in Quebec. You sometimes get the impression that she is so caught up with the nuances of the Quebec angst that she fails to open he ... [read more]
What, to the Visible Minority, is Labour Day?
You wouldn’t know it from the tone of discourse today, but immigrants and foreign workers have been part of the Canadian labour force since Confederation. Then, much as now, they were deemed a "necessary evil" for Canada’s economic surv ... [read more]
Into the wild
The movies I love the most, as Lisa or my kids or family might tell you, are movies like Castaway, Life of Pi, All Is Lost, Open Water, and Into The Wild. Which might suggest that, were it not for the ones I love, I’d be gone, baby, gon ... [read more]
A Wee Design Flaw
The BrightSource Energy plant, a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert, works on the principal of focusing sunlight on a bunch of towers full of water until the water boils and drives a series of steam powered generators.  U ... [read more]
A Stranger Rolled In
After playing Betrayal at the House on the Hill last night I started to think about other genres that could be adapted to the build-the-board-as-you-play mechanic. The western genre is rich with possibilities for this sort of game. [read more]
The Coldest-Ever Cold War?
When I stumbled across a report yesterday about NATO raising a 10,000 strong, standing "expeditionary force" and that Canada was interested in contributing soldiers, I thought, "oh Jeebus, not again." [read more]
Why would you force people to vote?
It is one of those silly ideas that surface every once in a while. Someone notices how low the turnout of voters is at elections. They get all concerned and say, “We must get more people to vote.” Why? Some even suggest that there shoul ... [read more]
New Brunswick Prediction Update
Teddy here with an update to the map and the prediction. [read more]
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Mike, Sean and Jeff came over to try out three new board games: Archer, Legendary, and Betrayal at House on the Hill (above). Of the three I'd say Archer, while amusing, has the simplest game mechanic and the lowest replay value, but it ... [read more]
NATO's New Legion - Is Canada In?
NATO is organizing a 10,000 strong "expeditionary force" with an eye clearly on the Ukraine. [read more]
Banging the War Drum - Washington Post
It was earlier this month that the German financial newspaper, Handelsblatt, warned of the dangerous spread of war fever throughout Europe.  The paper found that Europeans were being "mentally mobilized" for war. [read more]
Understanding the morning line.
There is a caveat to Babel-on-the-Bay’s publishing a morning line on upcoming elections. While we are more accurate than pollsters, a morning line is based on a knowledgeable observer’s assessment of the upcoming race. We make absolutel ... [read more]
Mount Polley Update
Thanks to Laila Yuile, here. [read more]
Deliciously Devilish
My screensaver rolls through images from my "My Pictures" folder, and today I came home to this picture of Sylvia in Timmins in 2011. Oooooo! Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
And a Happy Labour Day Weekend to You, Mr. Harper
The Times Colonist got the Labour Day weekend off to an early start with two op-eds this morning.  Both of them concerned our prime minister, Stephen J. Harper. [read more]
Way to go, daughter
Beacher Emma Kinsella was one of around 4,000 young athletes who travelled to the North American Indigenous Games in Regina in late July. She was invited to swim for Team Ontario, which won the swimming competition. Swimmer Emma Kinsell ... [read more]
Hey Nick
You’re served. [read more]
With Climate Change Sometimes There are Winners and Losers.
Washington State has a water problem.  It's a warm water problem.  A report in The Seattle Times says warmer Pacific waters off Washington are diverting salmon runs to Canada. [read more]
Oh, Crap! Sorry, I Meant the Ukraine.
Vlad Putin, it seems, has a response to the hectoring recently from the likes of Sideshow Steve Harper and John Baird and others - "meet me in the Arctic." [read more]
How the Right-Wing Media Machine Slimed Michael Brown
Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter - not an ounce, not one ounce of integrity among them. [read more]
Clean Coal Does Not Exist
...or at least is a deceptive term, according to the UK Advertising Standards Authority: [read more]
Floods Come and Go But Drought Likes to Climb Onto Your Back and Stay There
We hear lots about California and it's three-year-running drought that has left the State in severe water stress.  Wells are running dry, emergency bottled water has to be brought in to help the poor survive, orchards are being bulldoze ... [read more]
World's Largest Private Bank, UBS, Says Fossil Energy is Toast
The Swiss banking giant, UBS, says renewable energy is the hands down winner and conventional power generation is finished. [read more]
Performance Art - High Voltage
Photographer Patrick Hall reveals human emotion at 300,000 volts [read more]
Interviews galore coming
Hello folks: [read more]
But when does the PC contest begin?
We are missing some fun here. Sure MPP Christine Elliott is going to run for the Ontario Conservative leadership. That is not a race, it is a leisurely walk. We need some contestants. Let’s deal some excitement. Obviously Christine Elli ... [read more]
NB Adult Autism Residential Care Facility Needed: "It Is More Than Overdue" "When Will They Ever Learn?"
My 18 year old severely autistic son Conor waits for his slow poke Dad while we were out  on a trail walk (Fredericton North Riverfront Trail). NB has known for 11 years (at least)  that an adult autism residential care and treatment ... [read more]
Is This the Ultimate Zero-Emissions Urban Transporter?
They can move you along at speeds upwards of 20-miles an hour for distances up to 30-miles at a stretch.  They're computer controlled and host features too numerous to list.  They're e-bikes, electrical power assist bicycles.  You still ... [read more]
Remember, It's the IPCC and It Can Never Tell the Whole Truth
The oft-maligned Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change is, admittedly, something of a strange bird.  It doesn't conduct climate change research.  It merely collects the research undertaken by universities, government agencies and N ... [read more]
Suite of Tarts
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Big Summit Next Week - Maybe the Biggest in Years
NATO leaders gather in Wales next week for what could be the alliance's most important summit in years.  Instead of focusing on housekeeping issues to tidy up the not very successful adventure in Afghanistan, alliance members will find ... [read more]
Driving Round Pegs Into Square Holes - Why We Keep Screwing Up in the Middle East
Since 1918 when the defeat of the Kaiser's Germany triggered the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the West has established a reputation for screwing up in the Middle East.  It can be said to have begun with the French and British carving ... [read more]
Twerps On A Plane
Once again a plane intended to ferry party-animal Canadians to a booze soaked week in the tropics, has “had” to turn back to Toronto. No, planes don’t have to go back if there is a drunk on board. They have jail cells wherever the plane ... [read more]
Speaking Out
Is there a need anymore for voices other than those of the mob? Today, it seems, the only voices heard are those of conformity and consensus. All others speaking out are ignored, drowned out, or silenced by the establishment, their … Co ... [read more]
Dollhouse Gone
It was destroyed by the artist last year in a fire. I stopped by it several years ago. [read more]
Torstar: The ugly face of today’s capitalism.
A classified advertisement in The Toronto Star caught the eye the other day. It was offering $13.50 per hour for ‘production operators’ at the newspaper and publishing company’s printing facility in Vaughan north of Toronto. It is only ... [read more]
Crazy Town is right
It’s Forum, so everybody needs to take a frigging Valium. On the other hand, however, this:   [read more]
The Canadian Environment: Who Can Speak?
News of this paper  arrived on my twitter feed last evening, and one of the author's was kind enough to email me the entire thing.  It takes a look at the practical effect of the Candian  government's attempts to narrow who gets to part ... [read more]
Regina By Bus
I gave a tour of Regina today to a Mexican student studying at the UofR this coming semester. We were fortunate to have a ride from my parents after lunch, then we took the bus from the Cornwall Centre to the Legislature. We did the fre ... [read more]
The Cyborg Quartet
Thanks to the wonderful world of online shopping, I now possess all four of Martin Caidin's Cyborg novels: Cyborg, Operation Nuke, High Crystal and the imaginatively-titled Cyborg IV, which is also #6 in the Six Million Dollar Man serie ... [read more]
New York Times Claims Putin has Opened "Third Front" Invasion of Ukraine. Nobody Else Biting Yet.
A bulletin from The New York Times claims that Russian military units including infantry, tanks and artillery, have poured over the border into eastern Ukraine, "attacking Ukrainian forces and causing panic and wholesale retreat...in wh ... [read more]
Dumbass of the Week Award Goes to: Charles Vacca, Firearms Instructor
It's called the "Last Stop" and, for 39-year old Arizonan, Charles Vacca, it lived up to its name.  For Charles Vacca, the Last Stop was a shooting range where he was a firearms instructor. [read more]
Having a ball
Opinion Evidence
R. v. M.C., 2014 ONCA 611: [read more]
The Politics of Lying, An Essay by Henry Giroux
When it comes to politics and lying the two seem to go hand in glove.  We've always considered politicians a bit shady, willing to bend the truth to suit their purposes.  Yet it can be difficult to distinguish outright lying from differ ... [read more]
Clowns at Midnight, on the Devil
Well-written. Fair points therein. (i ain’t desd yet, BTW.) [read more]
Identification Evidence
R. v. MacDonald, 2014 ONCA 610: [read more]
Considering the alternatives to Trudeau.
Will Justin Trudeau make a great prime minister? Not likely. Is he better than the alternatives? You bet. There is something of a debate in the household these days about a forthcoming event for Mr. Trudeau in September. We might just u ... [read more]
The view from here
Doing edits on the new book, 30,000 words in. Dunno if it’ll sell two copies, but it may surprise a few folks. Heading home in two days. Other surprises await there, too. (Baseless speculation welcome, as always.)   [read more]
Ooooh! Bad Talk, More Stark.
Another report from the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. The Associated Press has managed to thumb through the latest report, a synthesis report based on the previous three.  AP says there's nothing much new in the ... [read more]
Scenes from an Unfinished Novel
August accepted the proffered debit keypad through the window and started tapping out his PIN, speaking the numbers out loud: "8...3....2...8...0," he said, while at the same moment Duggan was twitching with exasperation, beating his fi ... [read more]
To Inquire, or Not To Inquire, Don’t Ask The Question
The latest Coyne article seems to be self defeating in its thesis. “It’s not evident what contribution another public inquiry would make,” opines Coyne. For one thing, we could have an inquiry to demonstrate that for Coyne. Or we could ... [read more]
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