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China Tells U.S. to Back Off over Ukraine
The message was delivered by China's ambassador to Belgium, Qu Xing, but it pretty obviously came straight from Beijing - back off Obama.  Ambassador Qu went on to blame the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on 'games' played by the W ... [read more]
The Rise and Fall of America's Indispensable Ally - Israel
Israel has always been America's indispensable ally in the Middle East.  That may be changing.  Benjamin Netanyahu's speech yesterday to the US Congress might have been less of a bold stroke and more an act of desperation. [read more]
Max Yalden, RIP
Very sad.  A great and brilliant champion of human rights. [read more]
The Real Threat Facing Israel
No one expected Benjamin Netanyahu to win the gushing approval of the editorial board of Israel's liberal newspaper Haaretz but they were decidedly unimpressed by their prime minister's speech to part of the US Congress yesterday.  Thei ... [read more]
Here's Something You Probably Don't Think About Very Much. How Much Antibiotic Is In Your Fast Food Chicken?
This is one of those stories that's just a bit cringe-worthy.  McDonald's is changing its policy about the sort of chicken it will drop in your lap at the drive-thru. [read more]
Candidate Bill Blair
Apparently the Conservatives and the Liberals are both courting Chief Kettler. I think that’s nuts. How come? Here’s the pro-police Toronto Sun editorial board, no less, calling him “a scrambling man spinning stories. It makes us think ... [read more]
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Bloggers
So, that court decision, here. The decision is basically incoherent. Fair comment is supposed to be comment, not a statement of fact masquerading as comment, as was the case here. John Baglow, a.k.a. Dr. Dawg, was called a vocal “Taliba ... [read more]
When Wynne wants her way.
When Premier Wynne knows what it is she wants, she wants it, she gets it and you best get out of her way. It is just regrettable that she has never learned anything about democracy. For an autocrat such as her to be running the Province ... [read more]
Warnos Confusion Index
I’m sure it makes sense to someone, this “basket of political goods” thing, but it sure doesn’t make sense to me. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? [read more]
The Book On Pope Francis
Dennis Gruending judges.  The result: Pope F is pretty good when it comes to gays, the poor, and the Climate (very good there, actually, IMHO).  Not so good when it comes to wymen.  Also hasn't done much to roust out the Church Pedos.   ... [read more]
My First 4K Video
Thanks to the generosity of Sylvia, Sean and my parents, I scrounged up enough dough to pick up something that's been on my wish list for a long time: a GoPro camera. I've barely begun to explore the camera's possibilities, but today I ... [read more]
The Path of Self-Destruction. Consumerism.
We, mankind, have to change our ways or else perish.  It's that cut and dried. We're confronted with a number of existential threats.  Our continued existence is imperiled by three main factors - climate change, overpopulation and over- ... [read more]
Finally - My MP Makes the CBC
After 15 very idle years, and mere months before his retirement, my MP, the Conservative member for Nanaimo-Alberni, Doctor (no less) James Lunney has caught the interest of the CBC. [read more]
Internet, Admissibility of Evidence
There is virtually no legislation governing the use of internet obtained materials in Court.  The Canadian Sedona principles deal mainly with production obligations and, broadly speaking, limit the burdens for preservation and productio ... [read more]
I Feel Your Pain. More Than I Can Say for the CBC.
Oh Mother Corp can be cold, especially when it comes to the cold.  The tag line on the CBC web page read, "Warm Weather for Everyone! (Offer only available in BC.)" [read more]
When the chain of command breaks down
I thought it was outrageous then, and I think it’s even more outrageous now. [read more]
The literary leanings of a Libertarian.
It is sad to report that we only read the Barrie Sun Media newspaper when it is free. Mind you reading it only takes a few minutes. It strikes us that the two pages or so of actual news of this part of Simcoe County are not worth the pr ... [read more]
The Hill Times’ front page
There I am down at the bottom, below the dead caribou (aren’t we always?). Photo by Lala, column name by Kate Malloy. “The War Room,” by the by, isn’t just the name of this here bestselling book. It will also be the name of a soon-to-be ... [read more]
“Why am I letting myself be beholden to the gatekeeper?”
Franz Kafka has a short story called "Before the Law."  [read more]
Dear Liberals: This is what you owe Justin Trudeau
[This is an update of a previous entry. It's needed.] Dear Liberals: In the past couple years, whenever Justin Trudeau has made a bad joke or an ill-considered remark – about Ukrainian protestors, about Chinese dictatorships, about the ... [read more]
Anti-Turbine Families Can Suck It Up
There's no way you are going to initiate a legal action without having been told what the costs might be if you lose.  And if your case is a constitutional challenge based on a "novel reading of the law", you have almost certainly been ... [read more]
Farewell to the Dungeons
Over on Confessions of a Middle-Aged Adolescent, Steve writes eloquently of our gaming group's difficult but necessary decision to abandon our journey through the Pyramid of Shadows and Dungeons & Dragons itself in favour of newer, fres ... [read more]
Pleading amendment orders interlocutory
Dynasty Furniture Manufacturing Ltd. v. Toronto-Dominion Bank, 2015 ONCA 137: [read more]
Sounds Like a Plan to Me. Meet the Burial Pod.
An Italian group has come up with a dandy idea to make good use of you when you're gone - grow a tree.  The deceased is bundled, fetal position, into a biodegradable pod/coffin that is then paired to a tree of choice.  The tree/pod comb ... [read more]
Hmm - Fighting Kiddie Porn or Helping Get Harper Re-elected? Decisions, Decisions.
Yes they are indeed the Royal Conservative Mounted Police.  That issue is put to rest by the CBC News report that the RCMP has been withholding millions of dollars earmarked to fight online child pornography in order to help Harper bala ... [read more]
Syrzia - A Much Needed Primer for Progressives Everywhere.
No, we're not Greece.  We don't have their crushing economic crisis.  We don't have the punitive austerity regime they had.  Yet there are many problems, existing and looming for Canada, that will require progressive solutions and Syrzi ... [read more]
What's Going On with the Senate?
It seems there are a good many senators anxious about the already overdue audit reports into their expenses.  Complicating matters is the letter they were cajoled into signing that waives all privilege, both Parliamentary and solicitor- ... [read more]
You Play Ball With Me and I'll Stick the Bat Straight Up Your....
There's a scenario unfolding that's pretty amazing. [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for the week of February 22, 2015
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter: Hill media fight over harassment policy, some say it could destroy Parliamentary Press GalleryNon-Competition Provision Results In Increased Notice Period By BC CourtConrad ... [read more]
Axelrod on losing the narrative
The Globe scored a bit of coup, and got former Barack Obama (and former Dalton McGuinty!) advisor David Axelrod to talk to them over the weekend.  He provided some fascinating insights, among them: “We turned him into kind of an announc ... [read more]
Free political advice
Don’t (a) plead for a call from a respected former Prime Minister (b) promise to keep it confidential (c) then tweet about the call, while (d) making it sound like he called you first. Thus, sent along by a brilliant Liberal strategist ... [read more]
Mr. Brown’s win-win for Premier Wynne.
The phones were ringing early in Barrie yesterday. Conservatives were stunned. Liberals were in shock. New Democrats were confused. Not that this blog ever wants to say “We told you so!” but we will this time. It is not difficult to bel ... [read more]
In this week’s Hill Times: when you drop 15 points
You’re the incumbent, you’re smart, you’ve got plenty of experience, but you can’t get ahead in the polls. So what do you do? You call for a series of leaders’ debates, that’s what you do.  Stephen Harper, however much he disdains the m ... [read more]
The Crawling Ear, Part 1
“Did you hear that?" Raymond whispered. "Listen." [read more]
They'll Nip This in the Bud
It's enough to give an oligarch chest pain.  Barely a month in power, popular support for the left-wing, anti-austerity government in Greece is soaring.  Syrzia won the January polls with 36% of the votes.  A few weeks later and there's ... [read more]
There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
In a decade or so the government of Canada will be in the market for new submarines for the Royal Canadian Navy. [read more]
Netanyahu Has Screwed the Pooch for Israel
Even if the next US president is a Republican, what Netanyahu is doing this week will cost Israel far into the future.  What the Israeli prime minister has somehow failed to grasp is that he is targeting the office of the president. [read more]
I'll See Your Cult and I'll Raise You One
They're dying to get at each other or at least they would be if only we gave them a chance.  Radical, fundamentalist Islam versus radical, fundamentalist Christianity - the End Times grudge match right there on the floor of the desert o ... [read more]
Who said Justin Trudeau cannot debate?
What is this silly business of Conservatives thinking that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau cannot handle a debate with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper? Surprise, surprise, the truth is that Trudeau would not have to come out ahead in p ... [read more]
Purple Planet Phalanx
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Judge questions witnesses - a series of guidelines
Trial judges are entitled to question witnesses.  Indeed, sometimes they are duty-bound by the interests of justice to ask questions.  They are not required to remain silent, passive observers of trials.  There are, however, limits on t ... [read more]
Inflammatory language in Crown closing argument
R v. A.T., 2015 ONCA 65: [read more]
PEI Update
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/rob-lantz-celebrates-progressive-conservative-leadership-victory-1.2977350 [read more]
Even Conrad Black Can't Stomach Bill C-51
He knows a thing or two about law enforcement, the judicial process and essential liberties.  All that has Conrad Black incensed at Bill C-51 which he sees as a threat to the freedom of the Canadian people.  He doesn't like the place in ... [read more]
"He's Acting Like Someone Who Has Nothing to Lose"
The editorial board of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz looks at the country's prime minister and sees a one-man wrecking ball winging his way to Washington.  The paper concludes that Israel badly needs a new prime minister. [read more]
Chong’s changes that change nothing.
Congratulations to Conservative MP Michael Chong. He actually got his reform bill passed by the House of Commons. Too bad it passed because he watered it down to almost nothing. Voters are unlikely to ever see the effects of his changes ... [read more]
Paralegals not entitled to represent young people under Youth Criminal Justice Act
R. v. K.P.D., 2015 ONCJ 88: [read more]
Live Long and Prosper, Leonard
From a very young age, I knew I was different. I didn't enjoy sports or roughhousing, I was afraid of dogs, I loved to read, I hated conflict of any kind. As a result of these idiosyncrasies, I endured a lot of bullying from kindergarte ... [read more]
Americans See Combating Climate Change a Moral Obligation. Speaking of Morality, Where's Steve Harper?
Some are calling it the "Francis effect" after the forceful statements the Pope has made about the need to address climate change. [read more]
Another Dubious Record
We're about to hit the 30-year milestone.  That's 30 years of consistent, above-average temperatures.  February will mark 360 consecutive months of above average temps.  That's even getting close to half my own lifetime. [read more]
Asia's Dreadnoughts
Dreadnoughts.  The first modern battleship - big guns and steam turbine power. Prior to WWI these new super-warships triggered a major naval arms race between Britain and Germany. [read more]
The Christian States of America?
What if America became a theocracy?  Apparently a survey of Republicans found 57 per cent in favour of making Christianity the official religion of the United States. [read more]
Spock is Gone
Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83.  His death has been blamed on many years of smoking even though he quit three decades ago. [read more]
Meet the Don Quixote of Chatham-Kent—Essex.
This guy could only be from South-Western Ontario. Richard (Rick) Nicholls is the Progressive Conservative MPP for Chatham-Kent—Essex in the Ontario Legislature. He also claims to be an evolution denier and is opposed to wind turbines i ... [read more]
Newsweek's Obituary for the Athabasca Tar Sands
Is it time for the Barons of Bitumen to wave the white flag?  That seems to be the case according to an article from the latest NewsWeek, "Keystone and the Riddle of the Tar Sands." [read more]
You May Find This Hard to Believe
Just in from NOAA, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. January, 2015 was the second hottest January on record.  I know, I know - the Polar Vortex, all those snowstorms, - yada, yada, yada.  But, you see, that's the " ... [read more]
Wearing a hijab bars litigant from court
In truly bizarre story (see link below) a Quebec judge refused to hear a woman wearing a hijab. The judge cited Article 13 of the regulations of the Court of Quebec which says "Any person appearing before the court must be suitably dres ... [read more]
Handcar Horizons
Every so often I dream that I'm on a handcar equipped with piles of books, a cooler full of food and drinks, and a comfy chair. I ride the handcar down the endless rails on a world where it's always summer and the scenery is magnificent ... [read more]
Harper Gives Exclusive Interview To CostCo Magazine, Gets Bumped From Cover By Sarah Style
What's more hilarious? @pmharper giving an "exclusive" interview to @costcocanada, or that it's not the cover story? pic.twitter.com/79nYDyKWpv — Elias Makos (@eliasmakos) February 26, 2015And they say Justin lacks gravitas. [read more]
Will the Hair delay death and dying?
Obviously the Prime Minister is not a fatalist. He has been low key in response to the Supreme Court giving his government a year to do something about the current legal position of medical specialists assisting terminally ill patients ... [read more]
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