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Sources of Joy for November 25, 2014
Aside from my usual sources of joy - Sylvia, family and friends - two products of popular culture are making me happy today. The first is Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off," which I've been bopping to for days, and the second is Andy Weir's ... [read more]
Giving Movies a Bad Rap: Jurassic World Park Something
From Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, and a lack of imagination… comes a film event of a lifetime… unless you’ve lived longer than 19 years. It’s apt that Jurassic World and #Ferguson trend at the top together on Twitter. Some thing ... [read more]
Harper: Party of ONE
Party of ONE Michael Harris’ book release on Harper titled ‘Party of ONE’ has hit the book stores and should be a best seller for it examines Harper’s breathtaking gap between his stated political principles and his practices. Otherwise ... [read more]
Will Brian Lilley Issue Grovelling Apology For November 18th Video Segment?
The video segment itself is  here.  Its print counterpart here. The grovelling apology (print edition) is below: [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Tuesday, November 25, 2014:  F. Lee Bailey loses his quest to practice law again after past misdeedsToobin: Ferguson prosecutor's icy tone fanned flames (Opinion) As For ... [read more]
Please come back Curmudgeon.
This is like a plaintive cry in the night across the prairie. A fellow blogger who goes under the pen name The Curmudgeon, a.k.a. The Mound of Sound, says he has had too much and he is giving up on Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. But t ... [read more]
NEWS FLASH! NDP MP Anonymously Accuses LPC MP Of Sexual Assault!
“It was sex without explicit consent,” she said. [read more]
Ferguson, right now
Spotted by Michael Bolen. Remind you of anything?   [read more]
An independent contractor cannot recover for wrongful dismissal
Ho v. World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc., 2014 ONCA 832: [read more]
99 and 4/10ths Dead
In Stephen King's The Stand, an experimental flu virus, Captain Trips, kills 99.4 percent of Earth's population. That made me wonder how many people would be left on Earth of the events of The Stand happened today. Simple math reveals t ... [read more]
Record That Please
Ex-Anders aide stumbles around hunting dirt on @MarloRaynolds. Quotes CPC voter instead. Sun News runs it. Cabinet mins chime in. Beautiful. — Chris Turner (@theturner) November 25, 2014 When has recording things gone well for the Conse ... [read more]
The NDP's 7% problem
The NDP's biggest problem electorally isn't a question of policy or values or leadership or connecting with voters or just about anything else perennially brought up to explain their difficulties in the polls both federally and provinci ... [read more]
In Tuesday’s Sun: hear both sides, or end it
In Latin, it’s called “audi alteram partem.” That is, “hear the other side.” It’s a principle of what is referred to as natural justice. Put simply, natural justice offers citizens specific procedural rights – the right to be heard, and ... [read more]
Tech on the Side: Airbnb vs Uber and the power of mobile
Airbnb and Uber are similar in many ways. They both use tech (particularly mobile) to solve a distribution problem and they are both market darlings with skyrocketing valuations. They are both massively disrupting the established hotel ... [read more]
Washington's Quagmire Mentality
When it comes to Iraq, or the rest of the Middle East for that matter, America is operating on a number of assumptions rooted in fantasy.  These false assumptions ensure that America will keep getting itself trapped in quagmire. [read more]
Just Another Reason We Need the Ontario Human Rights Code
What do you consider before waking up and going to work? [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Monday, November 24, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Monday, November 24, 2014: ‘Nude judge’ misconduct case to start anew with sex photos off-limits for nowOttawa police, Supreme Court websites shut down after possible ha ... [read more]
Is EnergyEast Justin Trudeau’s Waterloo?
How often have we seen a single issue become the real turning point in an election? It hardly matters how tired and out-of-touch the party in power might be, you still need that one idea that makes the turn-over happen. Nobody wins if a ... [read more]
Okay you Liberal Bastards, What Now?
Trudeau the Lesser's Liberals did backflips to support Israel's brutal outrage against Gaza's civilian population this summer.  It was as though no one had ever heard the Israeli military's term, Dahiyeh.  Of course you didn't need any ... [read more]
Joy of Conor 2014
I will not pretend, I will never pretend, that autism is just a different way of thinking.  Heather and I love our son too much to lie to the world about the nature of his autism realities, his severe autism, intellectual disability and ... [read more]
Top of the Evening
Last night our D&D plans went south, so like the grownups we are, we decided to spend the evening discussing comic book movies and playing with tops. A good time was had by all.  Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton ... [read more]
Whether You Support Pipelines or Not, Here's Something We Can Surely Agree On.
No secret I'm opposed to both Kinder Morgan and Northern Gateway.  A sizeable majority of British Columbians are of the same mind but a significant minority supports the pipeline initiatives.  In situations like this it can be helpful t ... [read more]
It's Called "Blowback"
Our confused, incoherent, even knee-jerk response to ISIS appears to be backfiring on us, at least in Syria.  There, it's reported, US air strikes are driving anti-Assad groups - outfits we've supported like the Free Syrian Army - into ... [read more]
We are a democracy only in theory
Elizabeth May on our elected representatives: “We are a democracy only in theory” We are a democracy only in theory. In practice, we’re an elected dictatorship. Canadians no longer feel empowered; they are passive consumers. They have a ... [read more]
Deniers Pretend to be Skeptics. They're Not.
A lot of climate change deniers present themselves as skeptics.  There's a huge difference that is often overlooked. [read more]
The question of the Fall of 2014 (finally)
Sometimes, you cannot choose your friends.
A casual observation made in a commentary the other day about the difficulties of having Americans as neighbours and friends evoked some questions. It comes down to the fact that Canadians have little choice. You might think we Canadian ... [read more]
My Ring is Legion
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Polar Vortex be Damned. 2014 Could Be the Hottest Year Ever.
Take it from NOAA, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency.  2014 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record. [read more]
How to Militarize the South China Sea
China is seeking to bolster its military presence in the South China Sea and where better but in the vicinity of the hotly contested Spratley Islands. [read more]
Does Your Bank Back the Bomb?
We're all familiar with the ongoing campaign to urge institutions such as universities and churches to divest their shareholdings in fossil fuel companies. [read more]
Writing to a judge
Regulation 194 of the Courts of Justice Act, Rule 1.09 says: [read more]
What about Blair’s role at the G20?
Are Canadians supposed to believe that Toronto police Chief Bill Blair is just an unindicted co-conspirator in the illegal actions of the Toronto police during the G20 in Toronto in 2010? It is somewhat late for him to claim that he did ... [read more]
Keystone XL: Don't Build It For Canada
A new poll, basically confirming what a lot of older polls suggested: [read more]
Harper's no Conservative. Not remotely. He's Something Well Past Anything Conservative.
The father of true conservatism is, has always been, Edmund Burke. What I find most interesting about Burke and his conservatism was the underlying grasp of decency. [read more]
America's Back in Business in Afghanistan
The end of America's combat mission in Afghanistan has, well, ended.  The New York Times reports that Obama has signed a no longer secret order re-instating his military's combat role in support of the Afghan government. [read more]
Hitchcock Update
I have now seen 34 of the 50 films in the Alfred Hitchcock canon. That's 68 percent of them, and I've seen everything from 1938 onward. Now I'm working my way back to his earlier works. [read more]
Calling Bell Canada, 310 Bell...and reaching the Philippines
Its been months since I've written anything here, but today I feel the need to get my rant on.   [read more]
Model S Tesla Car in Regina
Last month James took me for a spin in an electric Rav 4. This week it was the sporty and futuristic Model S by independent car company Tesla. [read more]
Order Your Opportunities
My job, trying to change the world, is at least twice as hard as a conservative’s. I have to overcome others’ instinctual fear of change and new technology. Monday evening I proposed my condo board “investigate” using solar energy, if t ... [read more]
Top British Tories Slam Tony Abbott. Carol Goar Gnaws on Harper.
Who better to give Australian prime minister Tony Abbott a real hiding but a number of prominent Tories.  Real Tories, not what passes for conservative under the Harper regime.  Real Tories, as in the Brits. [read more]
Vice Asks, "Who's Afraid of the Surveillance State?"
Those who hold their freedom cheaply must surely lose it. [read more]
What Do We Do When the Warnings Stop?
It's hard to tell what's going on in our minds but the cognitive dissonance displayed by our political leaders on climate change has apparently taken hold among the rest of us as well. [read more]
Eight reasons children of the Seventies should all be dead
This is brilliant. It made me laugh so hard, I fell off my Earth Shoes, knocked over a stack of eight track tapes, and wrecked my Farrah Fawcett poster collection. Brilliant. [read more]
And here we thought LSD wasn’t readily available in China
‘Chick Chick’ (natch) by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin. Wow. Just, wow. [read more]
The rich are different, Mr. Clark.
There is something irrepressible about TD Bank’s Ed Clark. He wants to give advice in areas beyond a banker’s experience. The other day, he handed in another seriously flawed report to the Ontario government and now he is giving advice ... [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Friday, November 21, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Friday, November 21, 2014: Crowdsourcing Comes to the Booming World of 'Litigation Finance'Sick Kids breaks silence about cocaine hair tests  Calif. prosecutors try usin ... [read more]
Obama just ensured the next occupant of the White House is a Democrat
American conservatives, like some Canadian conservatives, are apparently unaware that the country is changing under their feet.Obama’s move is a masterstroke, and the following paragraphs demonstrate why: “Republicans are in a bind over ... [read more]
Panda Da Mao in the snow
Statutes may be considered even if not pleaded
Mason Homes Limited v. Woodford, 2014 ONCA 816: [read more]
Gruending On Mining
The CNCA [Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability]  brief also referred to a systematic pattern of Indigenous and human rights abuses that have accompanied increased Canadian mining activity. It cited a report presented to the IACH ... [read more]
Justin, Tommy - Please, Please Wake Up!
This Associated Press report from the Houston Chronicle, lays it out about as well as it could be said. [read more]
Making a Glass of Myself
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Wearable tech
Forget the eye glasses, the arm band, the watch, the ring. What I want is a smartphone in a narrow stick about 18" long, and I want the controls to be based on gestures (moving the stick through the air) and voice commands. C'mon.... we ... [read more]
Buffalo's wall of snow
Here are some photos of the blizzard that rolled into Buffalo a couple of days ago dropping five feet of snow in one day. I've seen similar photos of snow squalls around here, but none that high. Gadzooks. [read more]
In Friday’s Sun: respect
Canada is more than “a confederation of shopping centres,” Pierre Trudeau once said, decrying the narrow agendas of provincial Premiers. It is more than that. It has to be more than that. In Trudeau’s view – and I believe he expressed i ... [read more]
Grandmas on Weed
Hilarious.  In Washington State, 3 grandmothers hit the bong for the very first time.  They're so precious.  Now, pass the chocolate chips. [read more]
Well, That's a Plan!
We don't need to let the Ukraine plunge us back into cold war.  There is a way out.  A duel. [read more]
Now This Is an Eye-Opener. Greenland Goes Black.
Glaciologist Jason Box of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland is trying to wake up the world to just what's actually happening to the Greenland ice sheet.  He's crowd-sourced a venture to bring these photos to the public. The ... [read more]
Privacy rights continue even in information or items lawfully seized by the State
Wakeling v. United States of America, 2014 SCC 72: [read more]
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