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Lego Advent Calendar Haiku 2014 Days 19 and 20
Speederbike presents Are late for turkey dinner Pizza is your fate [read more]
Harper leads by example
Harper hides his innate cowardice behind his bullying tactics.  Like all bullies, Harper is, not so deep down, a coward. [read more]
Liberals we have heard on high.
It is only fair after introducing the local Conservative candidate, we mention that there is also going to be a Liberal candidate. We actually have a contest to determine the Liberal candidate. Somehow the Liberal party made a slip and ... [read more]
Conor's Back Yard 2014 - Fredericton's North Riverfront Trail
Mr. Trudeau: Coalitions are what you make them
Let's talk coalition ...The recent poll showing that most Liberal and NDP supporters would rather have a new government than have a Harper one after the 2015 election, even if this means some form of a coalition, has sparked renewed tal ... [read more]
Dear Kim Jong-Un
Dear North Korea: Up yours. Signed, Everyone — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) December 20, 2014 [read more]
So much for substantial compliance
Canadian courts usually now waive technicalities and focus on substantive rights. But not always. In High Tower Homes Corporation v. Stevens, 2014 ONCA 911 the Court insisted that a failure to make waiver precisely as set out in a contr ... [read more]
Danielle Smith: Secret Liberal
Back in November 2006, I was almost a year into my six-and-a-half year tenure with the Alberta Liberal Caucus, then the Official Opposition. On November 30, the caucus held a Christmas open house. I took photos and the images languished ... [read more]
Life In Scarborough: The Celebrities Of Scarborough
I sat next to a gal at a bar today who claimed to have been in show-business once.  She said she knew Hugh Hefner and had visited the Bunny Ranch, back in the day.  In fact she said she had slept with Hef, and had offered him some life ... [read more]
Parliament Should Go Solar
Following up on my 2010 blog post on solar for the White House, it takes almost 3 years to get solar added to a historic national building. That’s why we should all get started with pressing Parliament Hill’s renovation to include comme ... [read more]
Best song from the best album of 2014
And I’m very happy that Laura Jane Grace is happy, too. Sometimes things work out, you know? [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Friday, December 19, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter:  My post this week @SlawTips: Avoiding File AvoidanceAfter a career change, Blind Melon guitarist is a BigLaw lawyer Emma Czornobaj gets 90 days in prison in stopping-for-d ... [read more]
“Well look, Mr. Mansbridge” said the Hair.
To be interviewed by his nemesises at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on a bad hair day was really more than the Hair should suffer. And what has befallen Michelle Muntean, the hairdresser the Prime Minister lured away from CTV th ... [read more]
Prime Time: Harper’s year in reviews, reviewed
What is Wrong with Whoopi? The View co-host delusional, downplays racial profiling
"Momma! There's a black lady on TV and she ain't no maid!" [read more]
Lego Advent Calendar Haiku 2014 Days 17 and 18
Haiku passed over Wildrose defection was huge Politics over toys [read more]
In Friday’s Sun: the best of times, the worst of times
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And this year, the worst moments inadvertently resulted in some of the best moments, too. As 2015 beckons, and 2014 recedes, Sun News Network asked some of us to assemble some thought ... [read more]
We get letters: Merry Christmas!
Name Nelson Email Ritter494@hotmail.com Eat a dick, I hope you get face herpes you ugly fuck. I have hand guns, and LOVE them. They are the tits. So If you are so against private citizens owning hand guns why don’t you come ... [read more]
2015 election: Coalition gains favour
Which one, or two, of these men will lead Canada?The end of the Harper government is clear from this latest poll, which shows that the Harper scare tactics of the past have run their course: [read more]
If It Scares Canadians, It's Manna from Heaven for the Tories
Manipulating the public with carefully tailored fear is despicable.  It's also the entire first chapter in Stephen Harper's playbook.  He's been incredibly successful in using fear as a weapon to motivate his own political base from the ... [read more]
Is Raul Castro's Cuba the First Big Winner in Cold War II?
Now that Washington and Havana appear to be on the road to kissing and making up, it's worth considering whether the timing is really that spontaneous? [read more]
Akin: on Joe Oliver and his budgeteering
Mentioned in Dispatches.
We have heard from the front lines of the coming federal election. Our first of many big, full-colour brochures from our local Conservative candidate hit the door last week just ten months before the coming election. This elaborate miss ... [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Thursday, December 18, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter: Man who has lived in Canada for 60 years may apply as political refugee…in Canada Osler lawyer’s efforts make traffic court disclosure the norm for self-represented litigan ... [read more]
"Professor" John Elder Robison's Limited Understanding of Autism and Autism Research
MIT Technology Review:  John Elder Robison is a professor at the  College of William & Mary and the author of Look Me in the Eye. [read more]
Enbridge Spills
One in a continuing series.  They're playing Regina this time.  But don't worry, the NEB is on the case. [read more]
Welcome to WildRump and Alberta's future
WildRump will retain the title of "Official Opposition" it seems. [read more]
A Dark Day for Democracy in Alberta
Today Alberta's Leader of the Official Opposition, along with 8 other Wildrose MLAs, crossed the floor to join the governing Progressive Conservatives. In engineering this cynical ploy for power, both Smith, Prentice and their supporter ... [read more]
Shoot, shovel, shut up
In which Jim Prentice and Danielle Smith invite democracy to a bush party, put a bullet in the back of its head and bury it in a shallow unmarked grave. [read more]
Isn't One Century of Muddled Thinking and Mass Mayhem Enough?
World War One, the "War to End All Wars" didn't.  Instead it begat World War Two which, in turn, begat the Cold War (that remained "cold" in large measure due to pure luck).  Now we discover that decisions taken in the wake of Cold War ... [read more]
SaskPower Says Bigger Is Better, Even Losses? #PowerToGrow
As a followup to the Star Phoenix’s article on the hugely expensive, and (public) money losing CCS plant at Estevan, comes word of further cost overruns. The overruns, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, would have been sufficient t ... [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter: Christian law school to fight decision to deny accreditationOntario fails to track complaints against Crown attorneys - Toronto StarWalmart ordered to pay $188 million for ... [read more]
Selling what you don’t understand.
Only a banker could dream up this one. Former TD Bank head Ed Clark insists on the Ontario government selling electricity distribution to private sector people who could then make a profit from other people who would have no choice but ... [read more]
Political 2014 in review
Sun News has asked me and Lala what we think are the best, worst, etc. political moments in 2014. The quickie list below ris my first stab at it. What’s yours? Comments are open!   BEST MOVE – Parties coming together post-shooting WORST ... [read more]
If you’ve never been hated by your child, you’ve never been a parent
So sayeth the great Bette Davis. A music biz friend tells me he’s happy because only one of kids isn’t talking to him this Christmas; a law school friend tells me one of his kids refers to him as a well-known former German dictator. As ... [read more]
The Last Dalai Lama?
I don't get it.  The Dalai Lama thinks this might be a good time to abolish - the Dalai Lama. [read more]
WildRump to remain opposition (for now)
7 Wildrose MLAs are crossing the floor, including the leader, leaving WildRump as the official opposition for the time being. [read more]
Lego Advent Calendar Haiku 2014 Day 16
Trained for X-Wings but Only sleds available Blue Five Standing By Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Inequality Breeding Mindless Sheep
Wake Up! Growing Inequality is breeding mindless sheep and conformity Or put another way… Comment: Now go out and continue supporting the exploiters of this country like Jim Prentice and Stephen Harper, the Godfathers of Inequality, Gre ... [read more]
Standard of review on appeal of admissibility of hearsay
R. v. Mullings, 2014 ONCA 895: [read more]
Proportional Representation and Japan
While Wildrose figures out what it's future is, and Glenn Thibeault decides to bring Ontario provincial politics in the news, I thought I would take a step back and examine some other issues. [read more]
We Just Keep Getting it Wrong
It's a guessing game and we're not very good at it.  The "game" is trying to work out how quickly the planet's ice fields are melting.  In essence, we're guessing how much time we have before the meltwater hits our shores. [read more]
Let's Hope We Know What We're Doing.
It's hard to know what we really wanted.  When the West slammed Russia with sanction piled upon sanction were we seeking retribution over Moscow's aggression toward Ukraine or were we really trying to bring Russia to its knees? [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter: Harper government names a slew of new federal judges, but none for Ontario despite 31 vacanciesThe evolution of fraudulent conveyance – Indcondo v. Sloan - Lexology Sony Pi ... [read more]
RIP, Wildrose
As she contemplates The End, Danielle Smith should give Peter MacKay a call. He might tell her what happens to your political career when you let the other guy dictate the terms of surrender. [read more]
The only coalition
…is the one you’ll see between Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair, agreeing that there should be as many leadership debates as possible. And you know why. Story by iPolitics on that, and other stuff, here. [read more]
Trudeau’s “Free, open, transparent nominations.”
Do you want honesty or do you just want to get rid of the Harper Conservatives? That seems to be the conundrum facing members of Canada’s Liberal Party. The fact is that Justin Trudeau has lied to the party. He did not have much of a pl ... [read more]
The (Wildrose) Party's Over
Its completely real, folks - the Wildrose Party, a party formed out of the perceived slights towards conservatives of the Klein era that built up its movement during the more flagrant Stelmach and Redford regimes, is about to be history ... [read more]
My First CBSC Complaint, Part III: Request For A Ruling
The third stage in filing a CBSC complaint is, if you are not satisfied with the response you've got from the station rep, is to outline your reasons in a ruling request form, and, well, request a ruling. Below is the final version of w ... [read more]
Something going in on Alberta; Wildrose to merge with PC Party?
Nothing confirmed yet, but word from the grapevine is that Wildrose may merge with the PC Party. [read more]
Gwynne Dyer Explains Why the Lima Climate Summit Failed and Why Paris Will Too.
When it comes to thwarting catastrophic global warming, we won't have it.  It's that simple.  On climate change - as on the companion dilemmas of over-population and over-consumption - the people of the developed world and our leaders w ... [read more]
Lego Advent Calendar Haiku 2014 Day 15
Luke Skywalker thought "Dack's a good name for a dog" Doggone epitaph Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
I’m Boring, Ignore Me: Supreme Court Ruins Privacy
I think people who say they are too ordinary, law abiding, and boring for police to violate them, are more wishing that were true than stating a fact. Will the police keep the phone as it keeps generating evidence? For how long? Can you ... [read more]
Polls, polls, polls!
Three polls were released today from Leger, Forum, and EKOS, all except for the latter showing an increased Liberal lead compared to their previous polls. I'll run through them quickly below. [read more]
Harper Has No Plan B
The Hill times regarding the recent plunge in oil, and unspent money on renewable energy: Liberal MP John McKay (Scarborough-Guildwood, Ont.) said the report is evidence the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest ... [read more]
BC Liberals Praise Coal and Ask All British Columbians to Feel Blessed.
I guess it's the Christmas Spirit seen through the eyes of British Columbia's neo-Liberal government.  BC mines minister, Bill Bennett, issued a press release, "Stuff Your Stockings with BC Coal." [read more]
Harper Races to Abbott's Aid in Australia's Moment of Need
Stephen Harper has pledged that "Australia will not stand alone" as he revealed that Canada's six remaining CF-18 fighters have been dispatched to an airbase "down under" from where they'll begin bombing strikes against ISIS targets in ... [read more]
I Will Bounce No More, Forever
More evidence that the Tory uptick is over, though its from Forum, so take it with salt: [read more]
Causing premature election.
We always knew that having fixed elections in Canada would cause the same problems as in the United States. You end up in an almost permanent condition of premature election. Take right now in Canada. The pundits and pollsters are alrea ... [read more]
The End Of The Harper Bounce?
Rest of the poll is here.  The coalition talk is so much chin music; most important thing is that the red line has stopped falling and the blue line has stopped rising. [read more]
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