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The danger of Asteroids
If a big asteroid hits a city like New York it can cause great damage. Earth is exposed to these asteroids. We have been lucky so far.Watch the video below: [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Wednesday, April 23, 2014:  The Legal Status Of Lab RatsForced Arbitration Is Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs  Unfortunately named Spanish town of ‘Kill Jews’ to vote on name cha ... [read more]
Da Brudders: 38 years ago today
Bjorn reminded me Da Brudders first LP – my fave ever, still – came out 38 years ago today. Here they are in Arturo Vega’s loft in 1975, around the time that a teenage misfit in Calgary was starting to hear about them. God-like geniuses ... [read more]
Mayor On Crack
This Saturday night at the Bovine Sex Club on Queen West – see it live, buy merch, help us pay for our therapists! [read more]
Saturday night! This Ain’t Ford Fest!
. [read more]
Mac’s Convenience should sue The Beer Store.
Why not cut to the chase? The Beer Store advertising that is currently running on television is slandering every convenience store in Ontario. It is wrong. It is unfair. It should be stopped. If it takes a lawsuit: so what? What do you ... [read more]
Close Up
Putin says experts should hold on to every area of Russia’s Arctic continental shelf
Wake up Canada: [read more]
Jonathon Chait On Keystone XL
I've said it before, environmentalists aren't focused on Obama regulations re existing power plants because their role in that fight is largely over.  They did their bit. They won.  Chait acknowledges  this vaguely.  He writes: [read more]
A Clean Alternative
I was helping Sylvia with the wash this weekend when we were both startled by the sound of something clattering out of the clothes dryer. When I leaned down to see what had fallen, I was initially baffled by the sight of an Alternate ke ... [read more]
This ad?
Really bad. . [read more]
When one admits that nothing is certain one must, I think, also admit that some things are much more nearly certain than others.
Bertrand Russell [read more]
Dear Adam
We put our clients on our web site.  Have for years. Here’s one of the ones that, shockingly, has been there for years: Oh, and this is where this sort of nefarious stuff all gets tracked, year after year, from the Auditor General’s web ... [read more]
Misapprehensions of evidence
R. v. Fournel, 2014 ONCA 305: [read more]
Edward Snowden's every move still strikes controversy
With Edward Snowden's major contribution to history - the leaking of the NSA documents that shed significant light on what our governments are doing - now well over and done with, you might think we would be focusing on the revelations ... [read more]
Rt. Hon. Herb Gray, P.C., C.C., Q.C. 1931 – 2014
Herb Gray was smart, funny, wise, impish, a mentor and a friend. And it was a friendship that lasted over 50 years. We met over copy he had sent to the then party publication Liberal Action in the early 1960s. He had just been elected t ... [read more]
My daughter is going to the North American Indigenous Games!
She’s in her last exam at Dal, right now, and doesn’t even know: we just got the letter announcing that she’d been picked for the Ontario swim team, so you guys get to know before she does! Wooot! Proud Dad, here. . [read more]
$10,000-a-meeting later, John Tory returns to the campaign trail
Ever wonder why John didn’t quit the Rogers board while he’s campaigning to be mayor of Toronto? Me too. Raises interesting questions about conflict of interest and whatnot. [read more]
Panda in a field
Causing a disturbance
R. v. Kukemueller, 2014 ONCA 295: [read more]
SFH, mid-scream – plus, This Ain’t Ford Fest on Saturday!
From left: Bjorn Von Flapjack III, Royal Niblet, Ras Winkie Smith at CUP fundraiser – at which (we’re told) $700 came from donated merch. This Saturday: come see us and others at the This Ain’t Ford Fest! Our new record will be on sale ... [read more]
Go, Joe, go
I don’t care if he’s orange, blue, red or green.  He’s a friend and I’d vote for him if I could.  If you’re in Trinity-Spadina, you should, too. . [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Tuesday, April 22, 2014, Happy Earth Day!: Cheerios maker General Mills scraps plan to bar consumers from suing if they engage with it online Pa. lawyer pleads guilty to ... [read more]
Ontario election: believe it, don’t believe it
Yesterday’s Ontario Newswatch report comes in for some particularly categorical, on-the-record condemnation from the Ontario NDP, here. Two things: one, what else would you expect him to say? (viz., “Yes, it’s true, we are going to vote ... [read more]
The return of the F-35 Lightning.
We thought the aircraft deal was dead. After months free of hype for the purchase of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning (II), we thought the civil servants, the military and the Harper government had finally put finis on buying that air ... [read more]
Herb Gray, former MP and deputy prime minister, dies at 82
Long-serving Ontario MP died in an Ottawa hospital Monday, Liberal Party says [read more]
Ontario Election, June 5th 2014?
A quick post following a quick check of some facts. 1 - The budget will be presented on May 1st. 2 - Elections in Ontario are 28 days by law. (As far as I know, this is the minimum, not maximum) 3 - The last two elections, and, fixed ... [read more]
Earth Day 2014 on Fredericton's North Riverfront Trail (Conor's Back Yard)
Today is Earth Day, 2014 and to celebrate this wonderful earth, and the life it supports,  I am posting a few of the pictures I have taken on Fredericton's North Riverfront Trail, also known on this site as Conor's Back Yard. [read more]
It’s Spring. Sharpen Your Pitchforks.
This is it folks. Now is the time. We cannot afford to wait for some future theoretical Election to happen, where the outcome will do nothing to change the trajectory of turning Canada into a kleptocracy. [read more]
Flickering: Foretelling Crisis in an Ecosystem
Originally posted on Nourish Boston: In a recent study, published in Nature, a group of scientists have pioneered a method to predict when an ecosystem is likely to collapse. By utilizing samples collected from a particular ecosystem a ... [read more]
Kevin Sharp, Country Star, Passes Away
I remember listening to Kevin Sharp on the radio in the 1990s. He was in part famous for having survived cancer. [read more]
Victory Or Valhalla!
Is The NDP set to force a provincial election? Maybe.  The evidence cited is: [read more]
Manitoba Horror House
When Sean and I went to Manitoba in 2009, we came across this creepy abandoned farmhouse. I thought this was the only reasonable response.  Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Monday, April 21, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Monday, April 21, 2014: Does Quebec Charter of French language prevent use of trade-marks in languages other than French?Daughter of lawyer who defended anti-gay Prop 8 ... [read more]
But what if Tom Walkom is wrong?
Toronto Star writer Thomas Walkom has been an icon for progressives in Canada for many years. If there is a left-of-centre stance possible on an issue, Tom will most often take it. Readers expect it of him. Those readers must have felt ... [read more]
DSM or ICD, Either Way Autism is a DISORDER, or Group of Disorders, Not "Just a Difference"
There are a number of very high functioning persons claiming to be autistic or claiming to have a "syndrome" or "different way of thinking".  Autism is a difference not a disorder they cry out in anger against all efforts to find treatm ... [read more]
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Three in a tree
So, why do you?
Comment: Good question, hey? One that I too could easily ask of you with respect to why do you allow the shit that goes on in this community, province, country and world? On this blog we speak of many things … Continue reading → [read more]
Why does Easter move around in the calendar?
Easter and Christmas are both very important Christian holidays, but while families always gather on Dec. 25 [read more]
They always blame First-Past-the-Post.
They call our Canadian voting system First-Past-the-Post. Some people use more scatological terms for it. Others just castigate the system when it does not work the way they want. It frustrates them. Their problem is that they cannot co ... [read more]
Canada's Autism Disgrace 2007: 2014 Update
Photo from Ameriquebec.net  [read more]
The Ukraine Tipping Point
Ukranian DivideEvents in Ukraine are at a tipping point, and can go in one of two directions: towards a resolution that keeps Ukraine as one state, but with substantial powers devolved on regions, or a Russian influenced and assisted br ... [read more]
Standard for interpretation
R v Moo, 2014 ONCJ 127 holds an interpreter need not be perfect to meet the requisite constitutional competence. "What is required ultimately is that the information held by the accused person can be communicated as effectively after in ... [read more]
Anti-Wind Forces Vandalizing Property?
The OPP seems to think so. [read more]
Rubber Falls Flat
Last night Sylvia and I watched Quentin Dupieux's absurdist comedy-fantasy Rubber. I enjoyed it well enough, though I wish it had been a little less self-consciously clever and a little funnier. For Sylvia, however, the movie fell flat ... [read more]
Vladimir Putin basically told Stephen Harper to go and take a hike
Stephen Harper thinks he is a world leader. He has been prominent in criticizing Russia over Ukraine and promised Ukraine some military help. Putin primarily told him to go and 'screw yourself'. [read more]
Many bears
Endorsement of Court of Appeal of limited precedential value
R. v. Singh, 2014 ONCA 293: [read more]
Carol Goar: Natural catastrophes mount while Harper shrugs (in The Toronto Star)
"As scientists produce ever more evidence that climate change is disrupting the atmosphere, causing more floods, droughts, storm surges, wildfires, landslides, extreme cold snaps and deadly heat waves, Canada’s financiers are beginnin ... [read more]
“If they just want to play politics.”
In an ill-conceived television commercial introduced Friday, Ontario’s Premier Wynne accuses her political detractors of playing politics. The commercial makes it look as though she is striding after a moving camera, trying to keep up w ... [read more]
Target Excels...
...at their profferance of electric scooters for disabled customers.  My wife, she of the broken ankle, who I call Gimpy, has been testing these scooters at various department/grocery stores.  The one from Target was promptly delivered, ... [read more]
O Politician, behold The Shape of the Future
So, you’re a politician? You want to lead our country into a better future? You think the past cannot be relied on as an accurate predicator of the future of the country’s economy? You think the middle class deserve a better break than ... [read more]
Keystone Delayed!!!
...until after the November U.S. mid-terms.  So probably into 2015!  Although I don't see this as much of a Cdn election issue.  It doesn't really matter what your position is on a decision that's up to the yanks to make.  Which is why ... [read more]
TNG Season Two in HD: Worst to First
Yesterday Sylvia and I finally finished season two of Star Trek: The Next Generation in high definition. Way back in 2012 I finished season one and ranked those episodes from worst to first. Now it's time to see how season two's episode ... [read more]
Wrong again, Justin Trudeau.
Even in Julius Caesar’s day, the Rubicon was a very shallow river. Caesar’s legion waded across. Justin Trudeau dives in and ends up looking silly. When writing about the metaphorical Rubicon that young Trudeau faced in Toronto’s Trinit ... [read more]
There once was a time when everyday folk spoke one language, and learned men wrote another. It was called the Dark Ages.
Samuel T. Williamson [read more]
MPAC Report: Wind Turbines Have NO Negative Effect On Home Values
MPAC is the Municpal Property Assessment Corporation.  They determine what each piece of property in Ontario is worth so that the various local governments can hit you up for taxes.  Several years ago they were asked to do a study to de ... [read more]
Political Seasons - a Teddy Theory
I've always felt that Politics does not quite match the seasons we see in the real world. In fact, they are probably closer in scope to the seasons that are used in the game Diplomacy. [read more]
The Senate’s proposed amendments to election bill are a facade.
The committee in the Senate designed to look at the (un)Fair Elections Act – Bill C-23 – tried to come across as dramatically wanting to amend this bill….it came up with 9 proposed amendments that were unanimously agreed to. That got in ... [read more]
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