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Witness Box in Iqaluit, Nunavut
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines for Tuesday, July 22, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  Lawyers for Aaron Hernandez say attorney-client court chat was broadcast on Web  Pathways Update: Articling Reporting Tool Launched Obama nixes ... [read more]
Yes, charities can harangue governments.
There is nothing new about charity chill. No party in power wants to be harangued about what they are doing wrong. Mind you the Conservative government has definitely gone overboard in forcing Canada Revenue Agency to conduct expensive ... [read more]
Five Foot's Hubby Booted Off Blogger?
These Israeli-Palestinian set-tos always Put Arnie over the moon, so I imagine someone reported some kind of hate-speech/policy/terms-of-service violation thingy to Blogger Central and they yanked his site.  But no matter, looks like Ms ... [read more]
Coming soon: High Noon in Ottawa, starring Senator “Sixgun” Duffy
The Mounties have ridden into town, dismounted, and placed their investigations in the hands of the state prosecutors. The prosecutors have carefully drafted 31 charges against a senator, and the stage is now set for an epic High Noon s ... [read more]
What if Everyone Had the Right to Vote in Every Constituency?
In our system of parliamentary democracy, each of us votes for a candidate who will represent us in the House of Commons. Voters are clumped together by geography, and our collective wisdom (or passion, or ignorance) sends one candidate ... [read more]
In Tuesday’s Sun: Mike Duffy isn’t the only one who should be charged
It’s a little like being charged with speeding when you’re not in a car. Or, it’s like robbing a bank when, you know, there’s no bank. Or, say, being busted for breaking and entering, when nothing was broken into and entered. A first-ye ... [read more]
Open letter to Metro News
To whom it may concern: I write in respect of an article written in your publication by your Jessica Smith Cross, with whom I have spoken once, to my regret.  In March, she lied to me about her objectives, and I have not spoken to her a ... [read more]
It's Still "Gotta Be Genetic" as Autism Genetic Research Re-Invents Itself Yet Again
   National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences:  Gene-Environment Interaction: Nearly all diseases result from a complex interaction between an individual’s genetic make-up and the environmental agents that he or she is exposed ... [read more]
Free advice to New Democrats
Sure, you lost the Ontario election, and the Trinity-Spadina by-election. Sure. • Suck it up. Your brand still has value. That’s why federal and provincial Grits needed to kick the crap out of you – your brand had value. • It wasn’t eas ... [read more]
Crown Prosecutor's Duty
R. v. Hurd, 2014 ONCA 554: [read more]
140 Law - Legal Headlines for Monday, July 21, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines for Monday, July 21, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter:  First Nations issue eviction notice to City of Vancouver at city park Decades-old hedge target of suspected ‘vexatious’ complainer  Police must a ... [read more]
Are bloggers lower than politicians?
There is an interesting facial reaction when you tell people you write a blog. Maybe the thing around the eyes is pity, at first. They then ask what you blog about. When you say politics, the nose definitely tilts up a bit and the foreh ... [read more]
John Tory’s Nick Kouvalis approves this flea-bitten message
Tory’s top campaign guy is Nick Kouvalis.  Nick gets paid lots of money by Tory, who has taken on a more and more prominent role in the mayoralty candidate’s campaign, just as others have drifted away.  So he’s not irrelevant.  Repellan ... [read more]
Dear John: not bad
Nearly 13,000 words in less than a month, Daughter was in opening ceremonies at North American Indigenous Games, sons again tore up the links in a golf tournament – and heading to Sask with Lala early Wednesday. It rained, but whatever. ... [read more]
Can you picture Rob Ford or John Tory doing this?
Me neither. Does such stuff matter, you ask? In my experience, yes.   . [read more]
An Unwatched Pot Can Boil Over
Remember, when browsing through the library of much more interesting posts on The Earliad, ensure that you haven't left more important matters unattended!  Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Surviving Death Going Well
My death and quick resurrection made it into the local newspaper on the front page. There will be a followup coming later too I think. [read more]
NAIG: cool panorama view
I asked Daughter to send me a selfie of her and some of the Team Ontario athletes around her.  This is what she sent instead. [read more]
NAIG: that’s my daughter somewhere down there
She’s there – along with 500 other red-jacketed Team Ontario athletes – in Regina for the North American Indigenous Games.  Couldn’t spot her, but I am so proud she is there.  You can watch the games here. [read more]
And you think this is voter apathy?
There has been a flurry of concern lately about what people see as voter apathy. And when voter turnout in federal and provincial elections heads toward the 50 per cent levels, we should be worried. What is wrong is not that the first-p ... [read more]
Why ABA for Autism? Because Children with Autism Disorders Deserve Evidence-Based Intervention and ABA Meets That Standard
Autism Canada Foundation, a Canadian autism charity,  promotes itself as "The PREMIER Resource for Information on Autism Spectrum Disorders" but  typically downplays the importance of evidence support for ABA as the Premier autism inter ... [read more]
Lorne Gunter: Whatever The Facts Are, They're Bad
The Sun's Lorne Gunter objects to a PBO report claiming public sector sick day costs are not a burden on the taxpayer because  "...most departments do not call in replacements when an employee takes a sick day, [and therefore] there are ... [read more]
Android Warhol
Earl J. Woods is a professional writer based in Edmonton, Alberta. [read more]
Why is John Tory’s top advisor promoting a bigot who calls Muslim children “parasites,” Sikhs “backward foreigners” and blacks “illiterates”
Along with plenty of other hate, documented here. Here’s Sick Nick promoting the “Five Feet of Fury” hater just last night:   John Tory’s strategist might say he didn’t know about Shaidle’s racism. But, for a long time, he was the Numbe ... [read more]
John Tory is a paid-up member of Ford Nation
He also will say anything to (finally) win. My pal Jamey’s op-ed here. Read and know. . [read more]
Police must facilitate access to counsel promptly on detention
R. v. Taylor, 2014 SCC 50: [read more]
Finding the facts on prostitution.
Taking a poll on prostitution is probably the least helpful exercise by the government in assisting themselves and others to understand the issues. Top of mind response to polls can trivialize the topic. And that is what you get to tele ... [read more]
Dear Canada Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance: Important Autism News for Your Members
  [read more]
The Everyday Blahg Blahs
I admit it - posting every single day is taking its toll, as my ten or fifteen readers have almost certainly noticed. Sylvia suggested something simple: "Thanks for the break in the heat wave! Have a nice day!" [read more]
Life In Scarborough: Guy On Bus, Muttering Obscenities
So I'm riding a bus home through Eastern Scarborough, and I hear this guy behind me talking shit. Weird, obscene stuff.  And it goes on and on and on, the whole bus ride, in halting English, and it keeps circling back to the same few ph ... [read more]
Eighteen killed Friday before dawn in Israeli ground invasion of Gaza
It is a heart-breaking situation and too many atrocities. It is about time that rest of the world takes notice and do something to stop this massacre. [read more]
Happy Friday
Constructive trusts
306440 Ontario Ltd. v. 782127 Ontario Ltd. (Alrange Container Services), 2014 ONCA 548: [read more]
There are liars and damn liars.
The Woodrow Wilson Institute based at the Smithsonian in Washington is an honoured institution recognizing the only American President to have earned a PhD. It seems a shame that its name is being besmirched by the cant of the tar sands ... [read more]
Happy Birthday Madiba
Nelson, the world needs more of you. We miss you kind sir. Happy Birthday! [read more]
Bloody Failure
I went to donate blood after work today and failed; the nurses couldn't find a vein. I thought I'd downed enough fluids over the last couple of days, but I guess not. It wound up being A Negative experience (my blood type). [read more]
Rob Ford: Rage Against The Latrine
Rob Ford thinks $600,000 is too much to spend on a bathroom.  After all, the bathroom is in a field, and there are trees in the field, thus rendering the bathroom redundant. [read more]
140 Law - Leading Legal Headlines for Thursday, July 17, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines for Thursday, July 17, 2014 from Wise Law on Twitter: Suit Seeks to Establish Right to Record New York Police OfficersConservatives amending bill to outlaw prostitution near daycares, schools and pl ... [read more]
Bells toll for the Common Sense Revolution.
One of the most frightening think pieces during the recent provincial election was the piece by Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star entitled Last gasp for Harris-era dream platform? It ran on the day when voters were going to the polls on J ... [read more]
So tired!!!
Gaming & Guinness IX: Day Two
For day two of our G&G adventure in May, Jeff brought along a simple but challenging card game, Firefly: Out to the Black. This cooperative adventure pits the players, taking on the roles of the characters seen in SF cult favourite Fire ... [read more]
Israel & Framing the Issues: The Israel Project and Frank Luntz
A key to understanding the inner workings of modern politics is to understand what role the framing of issues takes, and the key to that is to understand why Frank Luntz, the Republican advisor, ranks at the top of political framing. [read more]
Election 2014: Will Severely Autistic Adults Continue to Suffer Under An Alward Government As They Have Since 2010?
New Brunswick has made progress in early intervention and student autism services but adult autistic needs, particularly severely autistic adults, have been ignored, completely ignored during the last 4 years.  The article below origina ... [read more]
Contribution and indemnity or claim in negligence?
Addison & Leyen Ltd v Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, 2014 ABCA 230: [read more]
Child witnesses
R. v. O.M., 2014 ONCA 503: [51]       As I have said, the trial judge was alert to the approach to the assessment of children's evidence mandated by the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. W.(R.).  At p. 42 of his reasons, he noted the Su ... [read more]
140 Law - Leading Legal Headlines for Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Wednesday, July 16, 2014: The Laws of 2014 FIFA World Cup – SlawGoogle+ apologizes and rescinds real-name requirement for users Judge urged to preserve accounts of resid ... [read more]
The best attack is self inflicted.
The Conservatives have been wasting a great deal of money on their attack advertising against the Liberal’s Justin Trudeau. What is missing in their strategy is that kernel of truth that is needed to make the attacks plausible. Being yo ... [read more]
Buying and selling a house
Generally you buy (or sell) a house "as is" so let the buyer beware. [read more]
When does a limitation start to run?
Longo v. MacLaren Art Centre, 2014 ONCA 526: [40]       The relevant provisions of the Limitations Act, 2002 are as follows: 5.  (1)  A claim is discovered on the earlier of, (a) the day on which the person with the claim first knew, ... [read more]
Project Burger Baron: Leduc
Leduc's venerable Burger Baron hasn't changed much over the years; it still looks much the same as it did back when we moved to Alberta, save the "Grad '79" graffiti that used to adorn one side of the rooftop was eventually painted over ... [read more]
Nyms win Google Nymwar
I suppose this means the Nyms have won the Google Nymwar, eh? [read more]
140 Law - Leading Legal Headlines for Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Here are the leading legal headines from Wise Law on Twitter for Tuesday, July 15, 2014: High-level female Yahoo executive sued by subordinate for sexual harassment and wrongful terminationMistaken ‘reply all’ email leads to suspension ... [read more]
Reprising Sousa’s budget triumph.
Hey it won an election for the Liberals did it not? It shows how rarely we hear a good budget read in this country. It also shows how ignorant those people are who go on and on about the deficit. Finance Minister Charles Sousa’s Ontario ... [read more]
Gaming & Guinness IX: Day One
It was, as Brian Taylor's poster notes, the ninth time we did this: gathered for five days of gaming & Guinness. This time, however, we assembled in Ottawa to celebrate a milestone birthday for Rob Day, who hosted this year's event in t ... [read more]
From My Quotes Cupboard: China’s leaders could have ruled the waves, but blew it
Decisions made can impact centuries, as China found out when its leaders made a shortsighted decision in the early 1400’s: [read more]
Toronto Handgun Ban?
Olivia Chow promised Monday to seek a ban on pistols and revolvers, insisting the country requires more stringent gun control. [read more]
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